Well the scale said 142.5 this morning which means the scale is moving in the right direction. I went to the last bachelorette party last night for the weddings I am going to be in this fall- thank God! I am exhausted from putting on all these parties. And there is always so much food! Did we really need popcorn, Doritos,2 kinds of chips, logos, hot cheese dip, cookies, cupcakes, cotton candy, candy kabobs, chicken fingers, brownies, pop, lemonade, and punch for only 13 people? No we didn’t it was crazy! Although I did ration myself. I didn’t feel sick and full when I got home but I also know that pogos and chips are not good for my diet. I hurt my ankle yesterday though while I was trying to set up for the party. I trip in an uneven ┬áspot on my driveway and twisted my ankle really badly and scrapped my leg up. I am worried that I shouldn’t exercise tomorrow or Tuesday because I don’t want to make the pain worse. I am leaving for Europe in a few days and I want to be able to walk! Last night I couldn’t walk the pain was so terrible!

I guess I won’t be making my goal weight of 135 by Europe but I hope to be able to lose some weight on vacation from all the walking I plan on doing. I am just going to have to limit my intake of rich and fatty foods. That will be easy when we are out on our own but when we are staying with family that maybe difficult. For the next three days I will be eating nothing but low fat quiche and veggies to clean my fridge out before vacation.