I was able to contain myself last night. I only had two drinks and half a slice of cheese pizza. I also drank a ton of water and rode my bike to and from the party.

Today I was ok. It was my birthday celebration at my grandparents who are notorious for making way too much food and none of it is ever healthy. I convinced them to serve grilled chicken and Caesar salad but they are not used to cooking healthy so they inevitably cooked two types of cheesy potatoes and stove top stuffing. Carb over load! I always feel Ill when I get back from their house but today I ate a chicken breast, a small serving of potatoes and some salad. I drank a ton of water and ate slowly so I wouldn’t be pressured to eat a second helping. There was cake afterwards and I had a small piece. Well i asked for a small piece and got a big piece but I only ate half sharing the rest with my husband. I didn’t feel sick when getting home from their house.

I also went for a hike, swim and bike ride today. To work off some of the calories. I don’t think that I will see a loss tomorrow but I shouldn’t see a gain.

I also have an interesting revelation to report. My younger sister is very attractive. Everyone always says that we look like twins but I have always thought of her as much prettier and much thinner than myself. She is 6 years younger and being in college she still spends summers home with my dad who has a pool. At my birthday lunch we all decided to take a dip in my family’s pool. I hadn’t brought my swim suit so I borrowed one of my sister’s. It fit perfectly, actually it looked rather good on me. I had been terrified that I wouldn’t fit in that suit and I looked nice. It made me wonder why I think she is thinner and better looking when we look alike, weigh close to the same amount and dress similar?