I need to stop lying to myself and admit something horrifically embarrassing. When I wear skirts or dresses in hot weather my thighs have started rubbing together. This is awful. This should have been a sign months ago to me that I needed to lose weight but I ignored it and chalked it up to the humidity. I need to take ownership of it and admit – my thighs are only rubbing because I am getting fat! I am short I shouldn’t weigh 144lbs. It is just too much for someone my height.

Usually when I wear skirts I am going to work at an office. I walk from the house to the car and from the car to my desk and then every so often from my desk to the water cooler or washroom. The amount of walking I do on a normal skirt wearing day does not produce much rubbing. Unfortunately I wore a skirt to tour around New Orleans a few weeks back and I ended the day with these awful red angry rub marks on both of my thighs. My first thought was to get some bicycle shorts to wear under skirts in the future. Then it dawned on me that fat people have to wear shorts under their skirts to prevent chaffing. It is extra hot and I shouldn’t have to wear an extra layer underneath my skirt to prevent my jiggly thighs from rubbing against one another. I need to lose some weight is what I need to do!