I have been relatively good for the last couple of days. It is still very hard as there are tons of holiday treats left and parties to go to! I have three get togethers to go to before I go back to work this Tuesday and they are all potluck’s with delicious foods!

I realized that this weight gain has really made me lose a lot of myself. I tend to be really outgoing and friendly, always wanting to go out to parties and dancing with friends but as my weight has climbed I feel more shy around people (even friends) and I don’t want to go to a lot of events. I have always been a great public speaker and loved acting in plays but lately I have avoided these type of activities as much as possible. I think it is because I feel so self conscious about how I look. Especially if I haven’t seen someone in a while I think “oh no, they are really going to notice my weight gain.” Just now I am waiting for a visit from a close friend that I haven’t seen in person in 2 years. I feel like she is going to notice how much weight I have gained! I want to be that friendly girl who is comfortable and happy in social situations again!