Jan 5 – 12 Exercise Stats

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Running: 97 minutes

Mile: 9 mins 20s

weight Training – 0 fail!

Walking: 60 minutes

Weight: 140lbs

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It’s been a few days since I’ve last posted and I can’t say I have been perfect. New Year’s Day was another party and a rich meal, champagne, chocolates and staying up too late. Thursday I returned to work for the first time in 2 weeks and I ate like a model citizen all day, drank tons of water and jogged on the treadmill for 40 minutes after work. Then I headed to another Christmas celebration and all my good work went down the drain when faced with chocolate covered blueberries and cherries. Sitting and snacking put me over my allotted calorie intake and I am back up to 141.8lbs. I went to the movies with friends and their kids last night and ate pizza, popcorn and diet coke.

One positive thing that has come out of this is that I am back to tracking my calories and exercise daily. Even if I don’t stay on plan I need to track everything that I have eaten so I can see where I went off track.

This morning I hit the gym and ran a 10 minute mile, did some weight training and an ab workout.

We have finally set a date for our cruise! We will be heading to the Caribbean the first week of May for some fun in the sun so I have approximately 4 months to lose at least 10lbs and tone up. I want to look smoking hot in a bathing suit and summer dresses.

Additionally my husband and I are going to be competing in an extreme fitness competition in June and I want to be able to pull myself up over the obstacles without help and run the 10k course with ease. I need to start working on learning to do pull-ups, shoulder exercises and ab workouts.

I’ve decided that I am going to try to train for 10k endurance 3 times a week and on the off days do weight training and try to improve the speed of my mile. I also am going to try to track my weekly fitness stats on this blog every Saturday.

December 29 – January 4

minutes spent running 105

10 minute mile

Chest Press 3 sets of 10 reps with 80lbs

Pike abdominals – 40

Crossfit sit-ups – 20

Welcome 2014

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The beginning of the New Year is always filled with such hope for the future isn’t it? I feel like I have had the same resolution since I was 13 years old -lose weight. I have come to the point where I wonder if I will ever truly feel happy and comfortable with my body. I am dying to be 10 pounds thinner yet when I was , I wanted to be even thinner than that. I look back at photos of me in high school at 116 and I remember how fat and ugly I thought I was. Goodness I was nearly 30 pounds lighter than I am today. Seeing everyone’s recommitment posts and inspirational pins on Pinterest are actually making me a bit grouchy because I feel like next year at his time I will be typing the same kind of post after I have fallen off the wagon yet again. This by no means is me giving up- I’m just trying to give myself a reality check early on, reminding myself that I have tried and failed and backslid so many times over the past 15 years that I really need to change if I am going to a make progress.

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve. I made it to the gym to sweat it out on the treadmill for half an hour and it felt good. I had stayed up way too late the night before and ate way too much crap and I didn’t feel like going at all. I knew the gym would be closed today though so I forced myself to go and I’m glad I did. I always feel much better after a good sweat session.

I headed to my sister’s New Year’s party and stayed far away from the snack table. We skated on her backyard skating rink (so Canadian of us) and played ping pong in her basement. To be honest I convinced my husband to head home around 10pm and for the first time since I was 12 years old, I was not awake to greet the new year. Sorry 2014, I was exhausted. I was able to control myself yesterday though and ate in moderation. I even cooked my husband and I spaghetti squash for dinner. I love spaghetti squash. It is so satisfying but so low in calories and high in vitamins.

I checked the scale this morning and I was down to 140.9. Not a huge change but considering the bad behaviour I have been exhibiting as of late, I was quite pleased. Today will be my last will power obstacle for the next couple of weeks. I have a New Year’s Day party with my closest girlfriends and their husbands. We always eat too much and my one friend has told me to come hungry and ready to eat homemade cannolis. While that sounds delicious I need to find a way to pass the time with these friends that doesn’t involve eating and and more eating. How can I be polite but not lose control? Wish me luck today. If I make it through today without binging on junk, I have a few weeks of clear sailing. I am back at work tomorrow after 2 weeks of holidays and this will help me get back into a good routine. Eating three meals a day with healthy snacks – apples and carrots instead of cookies and boxes of chocolates, regular visits to the gym and lots of water.

3 Bad Days

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I have had 3 bad days and one good since I last wrote and I fear there may be 2 more bad ones on the horizon. Christmas celebrations with friends and family have made it nearly impossible to stay on the straight and narrow – or green and leafy. I haven’t tracked my calories in MyFitnessPal, nor have I limited my intake of crap.

I did manage to have one healthy eating day with no scheduled family commitments or parties. I have been jogging twice since I last wrote which is a good thing.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and tomorrow is another party. I really feel like junk and I can’t let myself get carried away. It is so hard sometimes especially when you are tired and it is in front of you. Tonight my goal will be to say no. I am working on my willpower.

I managed to do very well yesterday. I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes and was under in my calories on MyFitnessPal. I didn’t indulge in leftover Christmas treats and drank water instead of eggnog, hot chocolate or alcohol. This morning on the scale I was down to 141.5.

we will see what today brings. I am having brunch with my three best girlfriends at a restaurant notorious for its greasy menu and then I am hosting a Christmas party with my high school friends tonight. Everyone is bringing their specialty and I know it will be very difficult to avoid over indulging.

I just need to keep repeating “cruise” in my head every time I want to take another bite!

A Caribbean Cruise?

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Well I am back and unfortunately am hovering around 141-142 pounds. I was doing so well until I went on vacation in April and stopped tracking my meals with MyFitness Pal. I also let my love of sugary treats take over. I’m like Buddy from the movie Elf. I really love candy and sweets. I don’t find I tend to over eat but I allow myself more treats than I should.

I have been pretty on track with fitness, even learning to run earlier this year with the Couch to 5k app on my iPhone. I ran a 5k color run in August and a 6k fun run in September. I have been trying to keep up with running inside on the treadmill ever since the snow has started to fall and haven’t been doing too bad of a job – it isn’t the same though. I am working towards being able to run a 10k at some point in 2014.

I realized though that at the same time I started to up my fitness goals I started to ignore proper eating habits. I figured that if I am working out I don’t need to watch what I eat.  In order to achieve my goal weight I need to take care of both.

I know that it is probably unrealistic for me to go down to anything lower than 125. Even though I am short and if would be well within a healthy BMI to go lower I just know that it wouldn’t last. I have been that small before and although I looked great it was a constant struggle to basically starve myself and I really don’t want to do that ever again.

So here we are another try. My ultimate goal is to be down to 128 pounds by April. This gives me three months to lose 14 pounds. This should be very manageable.

Also at Christmas yesterday the whole family found out that we will be going on a Caribbean cruise together later this year. We haven’t picked a date but it will most likely be sometime in April or May. I have never been on a cruise before but I know there will be lots of laying by the pool/beach and lots of family photos. I really want to feel very attractive and comfortable for this memorable trip. I don’t want to feel like I need to cover my belly up or suck in or feel like people are judging me for being fat. I want to feel gorgeous.

Goals for 2014

  • Get down to 128 pounds by April
  • Run 10k
  • Participate in an extreme fitness challenge (tough muddier style)
  • Get rid of the jiggle

My Fitness Pal

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So this morning I weighed in at 143.5lbs which means I am going in the right direction. I signed up for My Fitness Pal and it has been really helping me so far. I have the app that tracks what I have been eating and I don’t like to look at it and see I have cheated so I don’t cheat. It is great. It shows me how many carbs I eat, how much sugar I consume and how much I have left for the rest of the day. I haven’t been terrible with exercise either. I am still swamped but I have been trying to fit a bit of exercise in each day.

Burnt Out Blubber

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Well here I am back after a prolonged absence and all my progress has been eroded. Same old story, I know I know. I am 145lbs again. I think though I have finally realized my problem. I have been entirely burnt out for two yearss. My weight gain started in Jan 2011. I got promoted into a more demanding job, I started taking courses outside of work and I have acted in amateur theatre several nights a week since then. I am exhausted at the start of the day, exhausted at the end of the day and exhausted every moment in between. I feel like I have been running on a hamster wheel with no way to get off. Get up, work, come home do homework,head to rehearsal, fall into bed repeat! Except throw in a whirlwind sightseeing trip to Europe, being a bridesmaid in three weddings, my grandparents 60 wedding anniversary, weekly band rehearsals etc and you get a very tired woman! I used to go to the gym 5-6 days a week – now I am lucky if I get there twice. I also used to eat really healthy foods but now I mostly crave sugar for the energy rush it gives me ( short-lived as it is). I gained 15lbs in 5 short months at the beginning of 2011 and have been fighting unsuccessfully to lose it ever since.

I am a week and a half away from doing a two week run on the stage in an amateur production. I have made the decision that when it is finished I will not audition for another show or help out backstage at the theatre for 6 months. I need to have some down time. I need to relax and I need to focus on my health. For the next two and a half weeks I am going to do my best to make it to the gym when I can and eat as healthily as possible- but I am not going to put any weight loss expectations on my self because it is just unrealistic to think that I can lose weight when I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. When November comes I am going to get serious about this weightless thing. I think that in the 6 months I am giving myself to relax I should be able to lose the 15lbs I gained. And from now on- I really need to let myself just be instead of filling every hour with some sort of activity or obligation. I am tired all the time – no wonder I am gaining weight.

I am a klutz

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Well the scale said 142.5 this morning which means the scale is moving in the right direction. I went to the last bachelorette party last night for the weddings I am going to be in this fall- thank God! I am exhausted from putting on all these parties. And there is always so much food! Did we really need popcorn, Doritos,2 kinds of chips, logos, hot cheese dip, cookies, cupcakes, cotton candy, candy kabobs, chicken fingers, brownies, pop, lemonade, and punch for only 13 people? No we didn’t it was crazy! Although I did ration myself. I didn’t feel sick and full when I got home but I also know that pogos and chips are not good for my diet. I hurt my ankle yesterday though while I was trying to set up for the party. I trip in an uneven  spot on my driveway and twisted my ankle really badly and scrapped my leg up. I am worried that I shouldn’t exercise tomorrow or Tuesday because I don’t want to make the pain worse. I am leaving for Europe in a few days and I want to be able to walk! Last night I couldn’t walk the pain was so terrible!

I guess I won’t be making my goal weight of 135 by Europe but I hope to be able to lose some weight on vacation from all the walking I plan on doing. I am just going to have to limit my intake of rich and fatty foods. That will be easy when we are out on our own but when we are staying with family that maybe difficult. For the next three days I will be eating nothing but low fat quiche and veggies to clean my fridge out before vacation.

Being a bridesmaid is making me fat

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So here I am again. A week ago I was down nearly at 139 and here I sit at 144.5. I feel disgusting. I feel out of control. I feel like I am getting a little belly! I used to always be able to suck my stomach completely flat – now I suck in and there is a little belly left. I am getting super jiggly. I just cant seem to commit and it doesn’t help that every other second I am running off to an engagement party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, invitation making party, baby baptism, birthday party etc. I can’t seem to help myself- I also can’t help myself around Tim Horton- I have officially as of now given it up. I cannot eat or buy Ice Cappucinos there anymore. I need to stop lying to myself. I am really getting fat.

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