For now at least!  I go around and around with counting calories and intuitive eating.  One stops working for me…well, not like it really stops working, but something inside of me stops working together with the plan.  But anyways, I got kinda burned out with counting calories and IR just kicked in.  I in no way want to sabotage my results so far, and self-control and common sense are co-existing together for me right now!  I like this feeling.  A detachment from food, aside from for nourishment and nutrition.  I’m slowly learning to eat what I want, what I need, and what feels good to my body.  Food is not the enemy.   Just like how I don’t let my kids eat all the *sugar* they might want, I have realized over this past year that sugary and processed foods simply aren’t good choices for me – they will not lead me to the healthy life I desire, so it’s becoming easier to leave them in the past.  The urge to binge has been nearly non-existent recently.  With the holidays coming up I anticipate that I may resort back to counting calories.  Maybe not?  We’ll see.   

I’m definitely on course to post a 60 pound loss for this year! Nearly half way there!