My quest for health, strength and fitness.

I found this on another blog…and since I couldn’t have said it better myself…I’m “borrowing” it.

I WILL make it this time.


I’m no longer motivated. I am committed.

I am no longer enthusiastic. I am resolved.

I am no longer trying. I am accomplishing.

This is it, right now, in every moment of everyday.  I’m in control of whether or not I get to where I want to be. Total and complete control. And the ONLY reason for not succeeding is ME. All the small choices I make throughout the day affect the future, for good or bad. No more “oh, but it doesn’t matter if I just have one right now. It doesn’t matter right now.” Yes it DOES! It always matters. Every good choice matters greatly and brings me closer to my goal. This is the one thing I really need to remember. Every. Single. Choice. Matters.

I’m giving up the fear of failing. I’m giving up this insane need to cushion the inevitable fall. I’m walking out on a tight rope with no net because I know I’m going to make it to the other end. I’m finally letting myself believe. Not only that I can, but that I definitely will. It may not be exactly on my time line, or in exactly the way I imagine. But it will happen nonetheless, because I am NOT going to give up this time. I’m not going to get lazy and start to slip. This is it. No excuses!