It’s been a very very very very long time

I didn’t even realize this blog would still be up and active. I haven’t posted here in over a year. And it shows. My weight is… 214.6 – Up 50 lbs in a year. Less really. I was right around 200 by Christmas. It’s gone up and down and up and down. And UP. So […]

Big Changes are in the air

Weight: 167.8 Considering what I’ve been eating lately, I’m grateful its not higher. I’m back in control today, I did a pre-emptive food shopping for the week and I am prepared. Unfortunately, I’m having to give up the raw vegan lifestyle for now. Even though I LOVED it, I just can’t afford it. It costs […]

Good news!

Weight: don’t know yet, I’ll weigh in a bit and update then But I just wanted to say THANK YOU everyone! I am feeling much better today. I’m not 100% sure if it’s the lack of crap food yesterday or that I really had forgotten my mood stabilizer for two days and finally remembered to […]

So Not Cool

I can feel myself crashing. I feel powerless to stop it. I ended up eating a bunch of crap yesterday: a whole box of crappy cheese crackers from the dollar store that tasted exactly like cheap cheese crackers from the dollar store. Still didn’t stop me from eating the whole damn box! Then a bunch […]

Up, but definitely not OUT!

Weight: ugh… 166 Yeah, I know. This is what happens when you spend three days eating hot dogs, pretzel bites with cheese, ice cream and chips. Oh, I think I had an Eggo in there too. And a couple of diet cokes with rum. It was a good weekend! 😀 But now, I must pay […]

You can call me Quasi for short!

Weight: 158.4 Weight is pretty much holding steady, but as we all know from the Biggest Loser, weightloss isn’t linear. Some weeks are huge and others are almost nothing or even a slight gain. But you have to keep going cause eventually even the most stubborn plateau will break. Today I am wearing a pair […]

Just a Quickie

Weight: 158.6 Things have been a bit hectic. Kids only have two more weeks of school and between multiple graduations, class parties, end of year field trips and a daughter who flew off to another state for a week, my cup overfloweth! So I’m hurrying and scurrying and don’t have time for much else. Especially […]

Biggest Loser Finale!

No weigh in this morning. I have to get the littles off to school by myself now that my oldest daughter is off visiting friends in another state! I depend on her a lot! I have plans per usual today. Breakfast of fruit. Big salad for a late lunch. I need to get some snacks […]

A big Woot! Woot!!

Weight: 159.6 Oh YEAH!! I am feeling fabulous!! I’m now only 15 lbs above my lowest weight! Fifteen pounds is manageable. And I now have less than 50 to lose til my goal weight. I am starting to fit back into my clothes (size 6s are still a good 10+ pounds away. Bummer!) I had […]

Just a quickie

Weight: 160.6 I wasn’t sure if I was going to update today or not, but I figured what the heck, I’ll take a minute. I’ll try to get a better update in later, if I get the chance. I’m hoping when I check in tomorrow, it’s with a 150-something!!! That may be hoping for too […]