Just a Quickie

Weight: 158.6

Things have been a bit hectic. Kids only have two more weeks of school and between multiple graduations, class parties, end of year field trips and a daughter who flew off to another state for a week, my cup overfloweth!

So I’m hurrying and scurrying and don’t have time for much else. Especially since I’m still getting my exercise in. Sunshine therapy has been mostly a no-go due to an absentee sun!! And I’m pretty sure I’ve somehow woken up in Forks. I’m on the lookout for vampires!

The whole raw vegan thing is going along swimmingly (haha!!) I’m still doing the fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch thing. Dinner is usually some bananas or whatnot. I haven’t had a green smoothie for a while now because I’ve been out of fruit at home. And my greens are now withering. Dammit!

Anyway, that’s it so far. The scale continues it’s descent and I’m grateful. I’ve now officially lost 20 lbs since we’ve been back from the cruise. YAY! Next weekend (June 6th) my niece is having her little 7 year old birthday party at my parent’s house – a luau themed swim party. I will be buying a bathing suit for this. My first in like over 20 years. Well, I’ve bought them before but then refused to wear them! Not this time. I’m going to get a cute one at Kohl’s and WEAR IT. WITHOUT A GIANT T-SHIRT OVER IT! I know, totally monumental.

Gotta run. Work to be done!

22 Responses to “Just a Quickie”

  1. 20 lbs!!!! That is inspirational! I’m going to eat an apple in your honor!!!

  2. You are doing AWESOME! 😀

  3. How fantastic that you’re down 20 pounds. The cruise wasn’t very long ago, either!

    And you’ll rock that swimsuit. Isn’t Kohl’s awesome??

  4. Wow that’s great- good job sticking to it! Are you going to continue to eat raw when you meet your goal?

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