Biggest Loser Finale!

No weigh in this morning. I have to get the littles off to school by myself now that my oldest daughter is off visiting friends in another state! I depend on her a lot!

I have plans per usual today. Breakfast of fruit. Big salad for a late lunch. I need to get some snacks in there. I’m aiming for zero cashews! LOL – interesting goal, I know!!

I want some sunshine therapy, but a major storm is due in today. I’m just not sure exactly when. I’ll try to get the walk in early, maybe I can beat the storm.

I can’t believe the Biggest Loser season finale is tonite! I’m so excited it’s almost pathetic!! And then Jillian’s new show premieres next week. It should be awesome! And no Biggest Loser withdrawals. That’s the best!!

Guess I better get moving!

2 Responses to “Biggest Loser Finale!”

  1. I can’t wait to watch it either. Got the baseball game tonight covered for a scorekeeper and a ride for my son so I can watch!!!

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