A big Woot! Woot!!

Weight: 159.6

Oh YEAH!! I am feeling fabulous!! I’m now only 15 lbs above my lowest weight! Fifteen pounds is manageable. And I now have less than 50 to lose til my goal weight. I am starting to fit back into my clothes (size 6s are still a good 10+ pounds away. Bummer!) I had to give my daughter all my just barely purchased cruise clothes cause they are all too big now!

I am so glad that I finally decided to try the raw vegan diet. I love it!! It’s a perfect fit for me. No cravings, other than for things like cashews and celery with hummus! I’m not even tempted by cookies or french fries, at least not yet. I’m sure that may change. And eventually I will eat something like that. But not every day. Just once in a while. And that is perfect. All things in moderation and whatnot.

I worked out on the elliptical both last night and this morning. Sunshine therapy is a no-go today because I had to drive my daughter to the SF airport right during the middle of the day. But I’ll get some in tomorrow for sure!

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