Epic Disaster

Weight: ignorance is bliss, also after yesterday I probably exceed my scale’s maximum weight capacity. Boo! 🙁 Let’s just say by yesterday afternoon things took a major downward turn. Involved were malted milk balls aka Whoppers, cheap-ass Cheez-It’s imitation crackers from the $ store (whole box), a small plate of french fries and a pint […]

Losing focus

Weight: 166.4 I did my 45 on the elliptical last night when I got home from work. I mean, walked in the house, straight to the bathroom to change into workout clothes and on the elliptical before I could think about it and talk myself out of it. I did my crunches and arm work […]

I made it a whole 24 hours! I’m unstoppable!

Weight: 166.6 Anyone notice I hit that 166.6 a lot? Weird. I think my scale is possessed! I got home last night and worked out on the elliptical for 45 then did some crunches and arm work. I bought one of those Shake Weights because that lady that reviews infomercial products on Good Morning America […]


Weight: 168.6 Ah, I feel like I should totally be committed!! I didn’t exercise this morning. I had the WORST night’s sleep. I tossed and turned, could NOT get comfortable. Had totally bizarre dreams when I did nod off. Woke up EXHAUSTED. Total suckfest!! However, I am sipped hot Irish breakfast tea this morning. I […]

Tomorrow is a new day

Tomorrow I am tackling head on. The next four weeks are mine. I’m feeling more energy as the last of the Zoloft is leaving my system. Four weeks from yesterday is my 40th birthday party (four weeks from today is my actual b-day.) I’m determined to be at the best I can possibly be by […]

Finding my way

I’m headed to a memorial service today for my friend that died. My heart is heavy and my mind is freaking out a bit. Like turning 40 isn’t hard enough, I feel like I’m literally being bashed over the head with my own mortality (my dad died in a skiing accident at 41). About three […]