Overly Optimistic

I had really thought I’d do better the last few days. I work and sleep. I’ve seen a couple of movies. I haven’t even written the reviews for them cause I don’t have it in me. I feel run down. Tired. I’ve been eating utter crap, including gluten. And I’m feeling it. I feel sick […]

Thanks Everyone

I had a horrible day. The upside was that I met with my doctor and she started me on a new antidepressant, Zoloft, at half the minimum dose so if I get nailed with side-effects, it will be at hopefully a level I can tolerate. I took my first one almost three hours ago and […]

Sad News

I found out late last night that a good friend of mine growing up died Sunday night. I don’t know any details, but I am reeling. It hit me this morning when I woke up and re-read the email I’d gotten. It was real, I didn’t dream it. I haven’t stopped crying since. I did […]

And the Magic’s over

Weight: to be officially announced at tomorrow’s weekly weigh-in I survived three days at Disney. The whole trip went really really well. The weather held out up until our last night, and that was fine. I got to have dinner with the fabulous Sunny!!!! Definitely the highlight of the whole trip! She is awesome and […]

Oh my achin’ head

My goal for Cabo – bikini girl!! Weight: 160.8 6:57 am. – apparently my insomnia is still going strong. I think I mentioned that I was havingĀ  problems with it before the medication debacle. Body is definitely taking it too far when I said I wanted to get back to my old self! I fell […]

Cabo Wabo, Baby!!

Weight: 161.2 I did my 45 on the elliptical this morning. But boy oh boy, did I struggle! I was SO tired I could barely get my body to move. I had to play the mental game of “just 5 more minutes” to get from 30 to 45 minutes. Then I did plank, squats, crunches […]

Happy V-day, Y’all!

Weight: 162.4 I went out to breakfast with my mom and sis. The menu was difficult, under the “lighter fare” section it had a bagel with lox. Really??? That didn’t bode well for the rest of the menu, did it?! But this place is delish and has the best selection of omletes I’ve ever seen… […]

System reset

Weight: 163.4 I’m back. Insomnia, dizziness and nausea are gone. Heart rate is completely back to normal. No more tightness in my head, neck and chest. I’m no more disoriented than usual. AND THIS MORNING, I POOPED!! Yay for poo! I want a gold star! I did 45 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I’m […]

Sleeping Beauty

Weight: I don’t know, I totally forgot to weigh in. Hectic morning. Well, I finally got some sleep last night. About 5 hours. Not in a row. But that’s more than I’ve had in nearly a week, so I’ll take it. I can feel the meds starting to wear off. The best news is that […]

Cease and Desist OR WTF do I do now?!

Weight: 166.6 Did I mention one of the side effects is constipation? Yeah, I’m lugging around at least 5 lbs of poop, I’m sure. I look pregnant, I’m so bloated and distended. Oh, and I discovered a yet new side effect… incontinence. Awesome. I wonder if my grandparents have room over at their assisted living […]