Goodbye 2009!

Weight: postrun – 162.8 See, that’s what happens when you spend the evening at the hospital with your grandparents instead of at home eating dinner. Grandpa fell last night. My mom (who normally handles all that stuff) is in LA. So I had to pick up grandma and go sit with them both in ER […]

Only Two More Days Left of 2009

Weight: postrun (since I forgot to weigh in prerun) 164.4 Apparently, I like popcorn more than I thought. At least it’s gluten-free, right??? Damn. I shared the Junior Mints with Skye. Sean shared a few of his Skittles with me. I ate most of a small nachos. And way too much of the popcorn. Damn. […]

Accomplishment feels SO GOOD!

Weight: prerun – 164.2; postrun-163.6 (hmm… I think I’m taking the second one!) So I RAN TODAY!!! You can read more about it HERE. I did NOT want to go this morning. I kept making excuses for myself to not go. I was tired. It’s cold outside. It’s trash-day. I need to be to work […]

One year ago today

Weight: 164.4 A year ago today, I ran my first 5K (3.1 miles) It was hard, my time sucked, and I came in second to last. Only a few seconds ahead of an 80 year old gentleman. A year later and I’m running 3 miles (or further) at least 4 times a week (well, not […]

So it’s on!

Weight: 165.8 I’m officially gluten-free. Well, sort of. It takes the body 6-8 weeks to “detox” gluten. But as of today, I am no longer ingesting the stuff. I am allergic (or intolerant, take your pick. It doesn’t really matter to me. My body can’t process it properly and the longer I eat it, the […]

So the deal is this…

I have Celiac’s disease. I’m allergic to gluten. This sucks. I want my cookies!! I know that’s hypocritical since my son’s been on a gluten-free diet for over two years now. And now, I know where he got the gluten-intolerance from. Me. Dammit.

Movin’ on up

Weight: 167.8 Excellent. At this rate, I’ll be at my highest weight for the year come New Year’s Eve. Just awesome. I should recount right here what I ate yesterday. But Christmas isn’t the time for horror shows. I feel just blah. I will do better today. Bananas, whole grains, you know all that healthy […]

Off to a less than stellar start

Weight: 167.0 Breakfast: 1 cream cheese muffin, 1 chocolate chocolate chip muffin, 1 diet coke Yeah, I know. UGH. I need a nap. I’m off work today and have a MILLION things to get done. Seriously. I counted. I’ve been having intense leg pain in my calves. I got a really wrenching cramp in the […]

Just because I said I would

Weight: 166.6 (the number of the devil’s food!) I didn’t call my doctor today. I’ve done a lot of thinking and here’s why I didn’t call. I’ve been on antidepressants in the past. They’ve done nothing for me. Three weeks on Prozac triggered a month long migraine. My first major one as an adult. I […]

An Unintentional Hiatus

I’ll be back tomorrow. Whether I want to or not. I’ll check back in. It hasn’t been pretty. I’m having a very tough time. I need to see my doctor. It’s time for me to admit I need help. I think there’s a very good chance I have bipolar disorder. It’s time to face it. […]