Vegas, baby!

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I was in Vegas, baby! Ah, much more exciting than it sounds. It was for a tradeshow – so I was a workin’ girl, pimpin’ our wares. What are our wares, you ask? Miniature furniture for dollhouses. Here I am, hard at work! It wasn’t all work. I run […]

I’m sor.. huh.. wha?

I hate being sick. It’s just a bad cold. I’ve decided it’s definitely not allergies because one by one all my kids have come down with it in varying degrees. I think I’m going on three weeks. This bites. I’m too tired and blecky to even be excited about my 3.8 lb loss my second […]

Insert Clever Title Here

Kids are heading back to school after three day weekend. Well, most of them. We’ve had some kind of cold/stomach bug combo running through the house. Sean and Skye had it yesterday. Tad threw up this morning. I sure hope I don’t come down with it since I’m leaving for Vegas Sunday morning. I still […]

Six Ways to Sunday

It could have been a difficult two days. Two family parties involving TONS of food over the past two days. I ate 37 points worth of food yesterday and that just blows me away because I was VERY careful and ate small portions. Of course, I went to the movies last night and had some […]

Down and Dirty Stats – 2 months

Weight: 146.8 lbs (12 pounds lost since November 12, 2008)          start (inches)  1 month            2 months           total loss Bust: 39.5                  37.5                  37                         2.5 Waist: 35                     33                   32                          3 Hips: 42                     40.5                 38                          4 Thigh: 25.5                 25                   24.5                       1 Upper arm: 14             13                  12.5                       1.5 Neck: 13                     13                  12.5                        .5 Total: 12.5 inches lost (Wow!) Jean size: I’m just into the 6s, my 8s are all very baggy and loose. […]

A new all-time low

Scale said: 147.4 this morning!! I am loving me some WW!! Ok, so I only ate 12.5 points yesterday too. That probably had more to do with it. I’m going to do better about hitting my points today. But it was still nice to see that 147! So far today, I’ve had: 2 points for […]

Overhaul time

So the way I’ve been eating, while low in calories, has not been low in points. Perhaps this is why my weightloss has plateaued? I hope the answer is as simple as that. Last night’s official WW weigh-in: 154.4 It’s enough to make me want to fast on weigh-in day! I liked this morning’s nakkid […]

I’m such a rejoiner

My mom has been complaining about all the weight she’s regained since we quit Weight Watchers last summer. Especially over the holidays and the trip she just got back from. I told her that if she wanted to rejoin WW I would sign up with her again. I’ve managed to keep the weight off (well, […]

Hot and Cold

Currently rockin’ out to the Katy Perry tune, which is my fave song right now. But it also describes how I seem to be running these days. I got home last night and somehow conned myself into getting on the elliptical even though I had sworn to myself earlier that I would NOT work out […]

I should love today, but I don’t

Normally I’m a I LOVE MONDAY person. Start of a new week, kids are back to their schedules, I’m back to my schedule, everything is structured and organized. All the things I love. Only, today sorta sucked. And for no particular reason other than it’s the 12th and I have hardly gotten anything done at […]