Progress Pics — Updated 7/17

So, here’s me as of 5/9/11, at 4pm, weighing in at 181.4. Sorry the pics aren’t perfect, but oh well, neither is the body.

Me at 181.4 lbs; May 9, 2011 Me at 181.4 lbs; May 9, 2011

Btw — I think I’m a pear, but maybe I’m an apple?

The next round: taken 6/5/11, at 9:30am, weighing in at 171.2 and having skinnified by a few inches (because saying “shrunk” sounds like I got shorter, not narrower).

And, because I still can’t get over how much better my face now looks, nevermind the makeup, a side by side of me on 6/8/10 and on 6/4/11.

Not an official progress pic (probably won’t get around to one of those until September), but I came across these photos of me the other day and it floored me. They were probably from around my heaviest (it was taken in 2004 or 2005; the probably is because I hope I wasn’t any heavier than that). Compare to me now.

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  1. Look how very thin you look right under your chest. I think you are hourglass. I am not sure what fruit that corresponds to.

  2. You just made my day! Thank you! I like the idea of having an hourglass figure.

  3. Jeez Ferumbras. I thought I would check to see if you posted a pic for 170 and holy shit. Are you sucking it in??? No wonder you said you felt thin! I would add like 10 more exclamations, but I already had the three question marks. You must just stare at your new pics! In know you are probably concentrating on your middle, but did you notice the diff in your calf? Oh yeah – lookin good sister! Ditto on the thin face. I wonder how many inches you lost in your neck.

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