The Lusty Month of May

Damn skippy it was lusty! My DH was loving my legs and everything!

I feel pretty good about this month, even with my week-long plateau. I stayed on plan while out of town and committed to both exercising regularly and a new plan that has completely changed my way of eating. I failed to hit my May goal of losing 12 pounds, but I lost 11.4 (11.8 at my lowest), so I can’t complain too much. I also tried a bunch of new workouts. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy zumba, love kick-boxing, and am enjoying both 30 Day Shred and c25k. Hopefully I will continue with all four of these throughout June.


  • Weight lost in May: 11.4
  • Weight lost since September: 25.4

Weight and Measurements:

  • Starting weight: 186
  • End weight: 174.6
  • Starting BMI: 31
  • End BMI: 29.6 (taken June 1, weighing in at 172.4)
  • Starting Wasit: 36″
  • End Waist: 35″
  • Starting Neck: 13″
  • End Neck: 13″

Calories and Nutrition:

  • Total food calories (approx.): 28,132 (started tracking May 2nd)
  • Average food calories per day: 938
  • Total carbs: 1,594 (started tracking May 7th)
  • Average daily carbs: 66.4
  • Total protein: 2,295.9 (started tracking May 7th)
  • Average daily protein: 95.7
  • Protein:Carb monthly ratio: 1.44


  • Exercise minutes (approx.): 1,140 — mind, this is varying intensity, strength and cardio
  • Exercise types: zumba, kickboxing, step, group power, balance ball, hula hooping, arm hooping, c25k, 30 Day Shred, elliptical, walking, stairmaster, weight training, biking, exercise bike

2 Responses to “The Lusty Month of May”

  1. Less than a 1000 calories a day is crazy if that is true. Yes you might be losing weight, but to maintain that weight you will need to stay at that calories intake. If you want to lose weight once you plateau you will either have to cut your calories lower or exercise more. just think about it

  2. To maintain I will increase my calorie intake, not remain at this low level. The low level causes me to lose. And plateaus happen, whatever we do with our calorie intake. Out bodies aren’t machines. So far, this system works for me, I’m healthy, my doctors approve, and I have tons of energy and feel good. So I’m not sure why I should change a winning formula.

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