Getting back into the swing of things…

I had been doing pretty great sticking to plan and exercising regularly but all of the sudden I just fell off course…not sure if it was an accumulation of the things that were going on in life or if my “fat body” was just starting to fight back.  So I was off plan for about 2 months and eating anything and everything!  I was even going as far as to look up recipes of sweets just to bake them and eat them too.  It was a terrible place I was in…it even threw me into a depression even though all along it was all by my own control.  Luckily I only gained back about 6 pound of the 40 I had lost but I could really say that it cost me 26 to even 30 pounds because that is what I could have lost had I stayed on plan.  Well today it has been a little over a week since being back on plan and I am already down 5 pounds and feel so much better mentally and physically.  Not sure if my body needed a little cheat but even if that were the case I think 2 months was in excess.  Hoping I don’t allow my willpower to give out like that again because I really am looking forward to reaching my long term goal and really looking forward to feel like I am “alive” again…

Going to pretend weigh in day didn’t happen…

Started the week off great thinking everything was going good, got my exercise in and stayed on plan.  Weigh in day comes and number on scale didn’t even budge!  Not even in ounces!  Not sure what went wrong but trying hard to get past the disappointment and stay on plan.  Now I am writing down everything I eat to keep better track of my carbs as well.  Hope next weeks weigh in goes better…:|

Hump day…

So far it has been a great week on plan.  No cheating, exercise everyday…well almost I think I took one day off and surprisingly no cravings for anything not on my plan.  I am a bit ashamed at the fact that my teenagers couldn’t keep up and it made me realize that their life of lounging was only a shadow of what I was teaching them by example.  So, besides staying on plan a new goal is to get my whole family up and moving.  They have already been accompanying me on my walks and our next plans are for the bike trail.  It feels so good to say that I am still on plan and that no matter what Saturdays weigh in says I will know that I did a great job with my food choices and my activity level.  Happy hump day to you all, I hope your week is going a great as mine!

Weigh in day… :|

Today is weigh in day and one of those days I dread but at the same time look forward to.  I know that if I get on that scale and the needle doesn’t move as much as I expected it to move that I will be disappointed and that will affect my attitude towards my plan in a negative way.  I also know that my last post about starting today is going to be a bit of a crutch in case that happens, but will it be enough?   I think the that the most important thing I am learning on my journey is that the biggest thing I need to change is not my diet or exercise plan but is my way of thinking.

Just got off the scale and 9 pounds down!  So happy with those results.  I did have to take a minute to stop the recalculating in my head to see if maybe that wasn’t quite as much as I could have lost but once I slapped myself in the face and said “HEY! You have lost 9 whole pounds of weight off your body all by yourself!”  then I could feel a smile forming and it felt great!

9 pounds down…bring on the next weigh in.

“It’s never too late to change your life.”

This is a quote that my niece told me she heard a little old lady say to her little old man husband.  Since I heard the words it has held so much meaning for me.  I am just past the starting line…again, with my weight loss journey.  I was on the right track this time last year but then found out that the fluttering in my stomach was indeed my heart and was diagnosed with a heart condition…unrelated to being overweight.  So 11 months and a pacemaker at 36 years old later, here I am and I honestly can say that I think during the last year I was just in an “I give up.” mode until I heard this quote…isn’t it funny how sometimes it’s the smallest thing that makes you whip your head around and say to yourself…”what the hell am I doing?…am I honestly just laying around doing nothing and just waiting to die?”  Whether I was in fact doing that or not I am not entirely sure but when I finally sat up and thought about what I was or rather wasn’t doing it made me sick!  So I have a heart problem, so I have a pacemaker, so I have no motivation to ever again try to have better for myself…NO, the last one had to go!  Yes I have a heart problem, yes I have a pacemaker and YES I do have the motivation to try for better because why?  Because IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

During the start of this journey I have also found another quote on the post of another member which she found from yet another member…”A year from now you’ll be happy you started today.”  Now yet again, such a simple phrase but hit me like a bolt of lightening.  It really made me realize that if I had kept to my plan a year ago I could very well have reached my goals by now.  So I decided from that moment on to stick to my plan…no matter what!  As long as I am on my plan no matter how slowly the needle on the scale moves it will in fact still move.  Isn’t that the point anyway?  I mean I know I didn’t put all this extra weight on overnight so it seems ridiculous to think that I can wave a magic wand and just take it off that quickly…right?

That’s an update on my journey in a nutshell.  I hope to use this blog this time and progress my entire journey and I hope that if some of you can relate to what I am going through then maybe these quotes can bring you a bit  of motivation as well.

First blog…

I wonder if they should have named these vents instead of blogs…I have a feeling this is where I will be doing a lot of my venting in the near future!

So starting out again on this weight loss/getting healthy journey.  Lack of will power and energy are not a great way to start a trip like this but if I don’t start now I am afraid of what could happen to my health.  I am at the heaviest I have ever been and feel like life is just racing past me…I feel like I am 20 years older than I am and that’s not acceptable!  Hoping this blog will help at least voice my frustrations and 3FC will help with motivation.  Good luck to all of you who are reading this, I guess this makes us travel buddies on the most important journey of our lives.