A New Chapter in DD’s Life

DD & her soon to be XDH have separated.  XDH moved out last week.  DGD is doing OK.  I hope he keeps in contact with DGD.  He went through this as a kid.  His dad did not keep in touch.  His mom remarried and at about age 12 had his last name legally changed to his step-dad’s name.

My DH went over to see about better security on the townhome.  Front door is not square, so flip lock would not work.  Sliding glass door – the sliding part is on the OUTSIDE so a stick in the door is useless.   DH was on the computer last night trying to find a lease to own condo for her.  She won’t be able to apply for a mortgage till the divorce is final in about 7 to 9 months.  (XDH has bad credit she wants to separate herself from).

DD seems to be doing fine and sleeping a whole lot better.

My weight – still hovering.  Ate way too much at the Crab Pot last Sunday.  I was uncomfortably full for a long time.  Won’t do that again!

Ain’t that the Truth!!

Why it is?

We just finish dinner and the clean up.  Sit down to watch some TV and I feel like I need to eat more.  About 1/2 hr before bed, I shake up a glass of Arbonne’s Fiber & water, yet I still want more.  I get to sleep and wake up 45 min to an hour later, still wanting something to eat.  I usually get some Flatout Flatbread and a slice of American cheese and get back to sleep.  I’ll wake up again around 1 am, I’m not interested in eating, I take my thyroid pills and continue sleeping.  Alarm goes off and all I want to do is sleep for another half hour, especially if the alarm goes off while I’m dreaming.

I know if the after dinner eating ceased, I drop a lot of extra weight.  Probably some anxiety in there, but I don’t know what to do.

Update on Genealogy

Yea, I know it’s not about my healthy eating or lack thereof.  Found out my “father” was a two-timing, deceitful, wuss.  The wuss part was that he had his mother tell his 2nd wife the marriage was over.  Can you believe that?   If he were still alive……..

What’s going on

I’ve not loss any weight, haven’t gained any either.  I just been hungry.  What’s with that?  I did some yard work this weekend.  We went out to breakfast, so I needed to burn up those calories.  The next day the elbow, back & buns hurt.  It was painful going up the stairs at work.  I survived thanks to some aleve.  I also am doing some back strengthening exercises.

My brother is scheduled for the green light laser therapy to reduce the size of his prostate on Monday.  Can you believe he is going to work with a catheter in?

On to my half-sister I found a while ago.  We’ve been emailing, getting to know each other and answering questions that seem to bring up more questions.  Normal situation for genealogy.  I like her.  I wouldn’t mind visiting her sometime in the future.  I think there may be some questions her mother could answer concerning conflicting dates on divorces and marriages.  I doubt she has mentioned me to her mother.  I hope one day she does ask the tough questions.  I can understand if she doesn’t ask her; why open up a can of worms?  Been there, done that. It was necessary but what a mess.

My Brother results

He doesn’t have prostate cancer.  What he has is an extremely enlarged prostate that is impeding flow and causing the bladder to be enlarged also.  Thankfully our cousin is married to a Urologist to guide my brother through the possible therapies and explain them in plain English.   After the biopsy local urologist told him to drink lots of water, which he did, but was unable to empty the bladder.  He went back to the urologist and they put a catheder in where he filled the bag a couple times.  The next day he had a fever & chills Dr. Cousin-in-law said get to an ER.  Apparently spent all night in the ER.  They put in another catheder, and gave him antibiotics and pain Rx.    Today my bro has an appt with a local urologist to see about doing the procedure Dr. Cousin-in-law suggested.  I’ll call my bro tonight to see how things went.

I wish he could fly to the East Coast to have Dr. Cousin-in-law do the procedure.  Which our cousin & Dr. suggested he do.  Bro said he couldn’t do the 5 to 8 hr flight.

My Brother

He is a little sore.  Apparently the local anesthetic wasn’t working well.  He has an appt w/Dr next Monday to get the results.  I’m Keeping my fingers crossed.


Let’s see, my brother is having a prostate biopsy on Monday.  I hope it’s negative but with a PSA of 12 I doubt it.  So then I hope that it’s contained in the prostate.  He’s an active guy.  He bicycles & surfs at 61.  Him convalesing for a month is going to be hard on him if he needs surgery.

I’m just worried.  I can see the gray hairs coming in now.  🙁

Ticker Factory

I give up.  Bad day – depression setting in.  I need a convenient hole to crawl in for a while, or a large glass of wine.

Weight Loss Support

My Dr has a weight loss support meeting every month and I went yesterday.  It was very positive and motivational, in that I need to do what I was doing before.  Planing & logging my food daily and I really need to put some exercise in there.

DH is out of town so yesterday (my day off) I got the hedge clippers out and gave a number of bushes a haircut.  The hair is still on the ground.  Since I’m short some of the tall plants got lower haircuts.   DH will do the top.  My arm muscles were like mush yesterday, today they hurt as well as my back.  DH said to leave the hair there, we’ll get it up on the weekend.  I do like to trim, but the cleanup is a pain.  With the water shortage our lawn is awful, very little green, mostly brown & brittle – UGLY.  I need to pick up gardening gloves that fit a small hand.  I swear what I was wearing was a large.

There I am for today.  My weight is up 149.0 – I’m working on it in earnest now.