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R&R (rewards & reasons) October 12, 2009

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8/19/12 year and half past since I noted last. Envelopes still hanging. According to 3/2011 I need to hit 194 to get into 15, which means I get to RE-LOSE 12 lbs. I will be in that dang 15 lost envelope by October 1st. Watch me.

3/20/11 – Really… do I really see that it was almost 2 years ago and my friggen envelopes are still hanging by my closet.  15 lbs is still unopened.  Thats it.  I have to do something different. Heck, I have to do something period.  So according to my last update 194.8 would unlock the 15lber.  Okay. I will be in by April 9th, come hell or high water.  Thats 7.6 pounds to ditch. I can do this.  I can’t remember what I even had hubby stuff into those envelopes.  🙂

5/22/10  I made it into the 10lb envelope in 2009.  15 through 60 are still hanging on my wall they were in the picture below.  I need to get back into the groove.  My 15lber would be 194.8.  Started counting down in Sept 2009  at 209.8 so I am not changing my starting point, or giving myself opportunity to re-earn the 5 and 10.  I got there once, and should have had the where with all to stay there.  No sense dwelling on it.  Here’s to 15 lbs!  Come on reward!


Reasons I want to lose weight – 1 for every pound.

REWARD!  I made these envelopes back in January and printed 12 things I wanted in reward for losing. I gave my fiance the envelopes and the pictures of what I wanted, and he stuffed and sealed the envelopes.  I am dang determined to get into that 1st 5lb envelope!  I will share their contents as we go.  Here is what they look like and where they wait for me to crack ’em open!


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  1. round Says:

    This is a very cool page & a great idea! I dont know how long you’ve had it on your site, but I like it a lot!

  2. teresa Says:

    I think this is brilliant and really beautiful pieces of art. Seriously, I LOVE these.
    Here’s to you opening ALL your envelopes!!

  3. mothermavis Says:

    OK chick, time to head for the next envelope!!

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