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Resolutionitis 12/29/12 December 29, 2012

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I am officially overwhelmed and suffering from “resolutionitis”. Its that mental flare up at the end of the year that gives you super human determination to complete everything you ever thought you wanted to do in your life, plus 5 things you don’t (but since someone else talked about doing it you suddenly want to too). I can see the multiple lists. They are long, and organized, and in special fonts to be extra motivating. Nothing better than crossing through a groovy font.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Books to be read

Hikes to tackle

Crafts to complete

Home Projects

You get the picture. So what is it about the end of the year that makes these feel like they suddenly have new life? Is it the END of the year or the START of the next? Because there are beginnings and endings to all kinds of moments. Days. Weeks, Months, Quarters, why wait unitl the “New Year?” Sometimes I thnk its the permission to overindulge on New Years Eve (and possibly even Christmas even and for me…. even as far back as Thanksgiving) so that on that magic day…. January 1st…. I can easily set the RESET button.

Now on January 1st, in my head, the house will miraculously clean itself, have fresh paint, new carpet and the plants outside…. well they will be there. I will be instantly skinny and everything in my closet will fit fantastically. My bills will only a small inconvenience to my overflowing bank account, and I will be able to eat pasta and carbs for every meal to fuel my marathon running habits. Yep, thats pretty much what it feels like on 12/29/12.


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  1. bel4fan Says:

    Love the flylady.
    And yes, we all think that things will magically change once the calendar shows 1/1, don’t we? I am just happy that my few resolutions are actually still sticking.
    Thanks for the comments and follow.

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