Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

In case I forgot…. August 19, 2012

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Reread my previous posts. Pulled some telling one liners out. This is really just a “remember” why and what you’ve learned moment. 4 years doesnt have to be all for not if I can pull something from it. Here’s what hit me:
*I would love to rock a curvy healthy body and outweigh the girls at the river (that are built like 12 year old boys ) by 30 to 50lbs.
*Food is my high.
*I bore myself saying “I’ll start tomorrow”
*I dont know why it took me so long to go back to the foods that I know work for me.
*I have 106 days left until I turn 40 and I can’t waste any more time.
*So need to pay attention to food this week, choices and portions and times. Get my water in.
Get my vitamins down.
*Try to hear myself, screaming to commit to me rather than letting all other parts of life come first. I am truly blessed in so many ways, but ignoring my issues (smoking, no exercise, minimal sleep, poor diet) are not helping me enjoy those blessings.
*I think I shall mourn the loss… but celebrate the life I give back to myself when I do.
*Gotta find positive ways to pull myself out.
*Feelings aren’t facts. I’m sure I’ve lost sight of how others are feeling and have pity partied myself into this funk. So out I come. Be the best mom, step mom, wife, boss and friend I can. If it falls short of expectations, that’ll just have to be good enough while I climb out.
*Ready to commit to something bigger then the rush right now.
*I am gonna go set up one new habit a week for the month
*If I ACT on my plans, hell if I HAD ACTED on my plans the last 3 years, I would be running marathons, growing a community garden, built the house of my dreams, and be debt free.
*I have to act.
*Instead what I have is true wealth in my life. An adoring hubby who gives me his best even when he has had just as long a day as I have. 4 kids who all love and test me in different ways. I have a wacky family and extended family that is happy to over fill my time with bbqs, roadtrips, vacations, swim sessions, birthdays, and mostly love. And I am employed, a bit of a luxury round these parts since the housing market collapsed. Never realized what a butterfly effect that would have on hubbys work, my work, prospects for moving, and credit ratings. No wonder I am eating myself silly.
*So here’s my plan: KISS (Kris Isn’t Starving Stupid)
  • Stick with 5 meals a day, smaller, protien at each, no complex carbs after lunch, whey shake after work outs
  • Water – 64 or more. No excuses, coffee does not count, get it done!
  • Daily Vitamin
  • Exercise: 3xWK Cardio for 30 minutes, 3xWK Strength – one challenge to completion (more on this later)
  • Daily Blog check in. Set aside 15 minutes and DO IT. GEEZ.
*I let the days run me lately, I don’t get to manage my time, I only react.
*I need to delegate some work. I need to get my supervisors on the same page in terms of how they manage discipline in their divisions. I need to learn that I am not the one that needs to find the solutions to their problems, they need to come to me with solutions. One day at a time. I need to plan down time to think and schedule. I say ”yeah, I’ve got a minute” way too often. I need to let other people handle their stuff. (DECEMBER 2010)
*I also need to put priority on the “fun” part of life.
*And maybe more than fit at 40, I will be fullfilled at 40.
*Not giving up. Not giving in.
These are things that I need to engrain in my head. To know that I want it, I have always wanted it. I just need to make my actions match my words.
Going to put the computer down and try to get ahead on some work so tomorrow doesn’t drown me. First action to get my life back in control……

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  1. patty Says:

    Lots of good stuff here, Kris! Good to see you doing so much thinking and planning. I’m a planner, too. As long as I’m planning, I’m doing something. It’s when I let other things overwhelm me and don’t have time to think about what I’m doing and reflect on the consequences that things get out of control.

    Smoking??? sheesh…I’m embarrassed to say I started again. After quitting for almost a year! I just got so down that it just didn’t seem to matter anymore. I had a really rough year and gave up even trying to exercise, eat healthy and refrain from smoking. It was such a rough year that I decided it was time to retire. Usually, I have about four or five “bad” kids in one class, a couple in another and really great kids in the rest of my classes. Last year, I swear, I had every challenging kid in the school. Every single class had at least a half dozen kids with behavior problems and I just really burned out. Completely.
    And now, here I am, coming to grips with retirement. Still finding my way but the relief of knowing I don’t have to work anymore is wonderful. Gives me time to focus on my family, home and health.

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