Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

I should be in bed… January 23, 2011

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but I am allllll over the place in my head about work, money, food, smoking, which “super top secret” info-mercial to buy into.  I have browsed threads in 3fc, tried to find my “stick” to it factor and I have realized that I am just a mess.   I need structure.  I need to not think about work so much. I just need a switch I can flip to check out.

I did get outta the house this weekend and went to a bull riding event with mom and stepdad. Spent the night at their place and genuinely had a good time.  Then got back here to hubby had a little down time together which was nice, and then found myself getting agrivated or at least disenchanted with football, beer, the FIL, facebook… at all of it for no real reason.  Mostly, found myself getting overwhelmed about work tomorrow and its not even here yet.  Is this really what being a grown up is cracked up to be?  Ugh.  I need a shot in the arm of motivation, and a 3 hour massage. Guess I’ll head for bed and try to rest up to an energetic and progress making day tomorrow.  Where’s my advil…..


one down, forever to go January 2, 2011

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ahhhh.  I made it out of bed in time to steal some quiet before the kids are up.  I have coffee brewing and got through my first full day of cold turkey no smoking.  It wasn’t that bad. There were DEFINITELY moments and I not so nieve to think I’m out of the clear.  I just know I got one down.

183 days (26weeks +1 day) until the 40th. I was thinking one habit a week would be put in place and was going to include “exercise” type stuff to sneak up on it.  Now I am thinking my habits should be anything but the exercise part, as it need to get going faster. So I will do 15minutes of some type of exercise today.  My habits for January will be:

  • Jan1thru 7 vitamins/food journal
  • Jan 8 thru 14  64 4oz water minimum
  • Jan 15 thru 21 In bed by 9:30
  • Jan 22 thru 28  Me Time 15 minutes a day!

I am no longer paying for the gym, although I should be.  Lost my ATM card that the dues were tied to automatically deduct from my account.  When I had the card replaced, the number was different.  I haven’t been to the gym in 3 months so I’m sure they just think I flaked.  I gues I should let them know.   In an effort to save money I will not renew. I have a treadmill, eleventy billion NEW workout tapes, and a gaggle of weights, bands, balls and whatnots to “sculpt the perfect body”. Ahem.

On another note, I am fully stressed out about our finances.  We spent too much, no secret, so we have a plan to get that under control. However, the home business has got to get its footing again because I cannot continue to subsidize it with money from job.  I love my husband, but something has to give.  I am trying not to let it get into a frenzy, and I trust the Lord will walk us through it.  I just hope I can keep my mouth shut and my sharp tongue to myself as we traverse what is certain to be a tight 3 to 4 months.  Fortunately, my job has changed and in doing so has kicked up the profit with potential for the ole salary to go up even more.  On the down side, I don’t realize the spoils of my hard earned cash cuz I’m busy carrying everyone else with it.   Okay, there…. I said it.  My apologies.

Alright, I’m off to take the strand of Christmas lights I forgot about down.  Hoping hubby’s request to go to church plays out today.  I need something positive shot back into my brain.

Its day 183 you know.  They are getting fewer every morning!

3:00pm update = I have created a chore list that puts my hubby on a 15 minute chore in reach room of our house monday through friday (except for the room I will be in). I am spending my 15 min daily in one room for a week – following the flylady program again.  Trying to keep myself occupied has been a test of my nerves, and may result in a ton of lists and over analyzed projects.   And constant gum chewing.

7:50ish pm… creeping up on 8pm which means 48 hours no smoking…. 2/3 of the way through the dreaded 3 day withdrawl.  I am exhausted. Ate everything I could think of before suddenly becoming a responsible person about my weight tomorrow.  The fact that I have not folded and went out for a pack of smokes is a huge victory alone though.  Tomorrow will be tough.  Monday back at work with a gaggle of projects on my plate, some due months ago.  But I will survive.  Off to get a full nights sleep…… nighter blogland.


2011 is here….. January 1, 2011

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I do believe I’ll be kicking its ass. Only 8.5 hours in… but I’m on the right track!

2:12pm…. oye… haven’t smoked, but eating like a mad woman.  Will go do some chores to stay busy and be back later.