Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

Oregon, Lemon Jello, Nicoderm and Classic Rock May 30, 2010

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I’m going on a road trip, with my dad.  We are headed to Bend, Oregon, to see my lil sis, my BIL and my new neice, Laura June – more affectionately known as Lemon Jello, since that was my sisters favorite hospital indulgence while she was in labor.  I have packed my one suitcase – allotted for my travels and approved by my overly organized father. I believe I am entitle to 2.5 cubic feet of travel space (just kidding dad!). I have packed old rock CD’s so that we can have some bonding moments belting out the tunes that I remember rollerskating around in the back yard to while he painted cars.  Doors, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and countless others.  He’s a bit of a refined hippie. Young enough to be cool, old enough to know it all, and stuck on controlling every part of his environment.  I’m looking forward to our first road trip together after 39 years!  I am in a bit of pickle, as I was to have quit smoking already, but work and life have driven me over the brink and just beyond any energy left for will power.  I will be patching up for the trip, and hope to return home smoke free. I’ve quit before, I can and will do it again.

My sis just had a miracle baby.  She had battled with an illness for almost 15 years that she never let beat her, but was never expecting for her body to handle the creation of a little one.  But God is Good. Now, we have a perfect little addition to our family that was worth the wait.  I live 14 hours away and have not met her yet, but have stared into her eyes through pictures and feel l know her already.  I cant wait to hold her and squish her and watch her sleep!

My diet plan is on hold.  My exercise plan is repulsive (does walking around to put laundry away count?).  I just went and bought a pair of size 16 jeans because my 14’s make me look like a muffin placed on 2 denim sausages.  So I broke down and bought some comfy jeans… in hopes of enjoying my family and time off and not worrying about fitting into my pants.

But this is it.  I will be 39 on July 4th, and since my 37th birthday I have had this mantra – “FIT AT 40”.  Since then I have joined bootcamp (loved the results, hate the work and $ it costs), I have quit and restarted smoking, I have given away my “fat clothes” and slowly repurchased replacements.  I have felt depressed, unenergetic, lacking and emotionally drained.  Partly because responisibilities have skyrocketed (Union chairperson, working for gov’t agency facing 24% cuts, running business at home, and managing birthdays, vacations, kid weekends, recently married, and desperately wanting out of debt).  Not that these are not “normal” for all kinds of people…. but I feel like nothing has let up in 20 years.  I need some down time… I’m hoping this week will be the turning point.  So like the title says – this weeks to-do includes Oregon, Lemon Jello, Nicoderm and Classic Rock.  Here’s to no traffic, lots of scenery, and a good dose of family.  

Be back to get head strong in a week. Be good.


Again…again, again, again…. May 22, 2010

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I am exhausted, but I’m back.  Work is crazy, kids are loud, money is tight, and my weight is still hanging around EVERYWHERE.  Not sure what my current number is but guessing 203.  Will weigh and measure later.  Have a small to-do list for myself today:

  • Re-read this blog.
  • Update some of its pages
  • Break up my goals into small ones.
  • Develop a daily check in of some sort.

I need somewhere to dump my brain. Somewhere safe.  Here I am… again.