Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

Clean Slate~ December 31, 2009

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Alrighty then.  Got my challenges in check on the 3FC Thread.  3 of them may be too many, but they are each serving a different purpose for me.

WEED  – these are my girls, my heart. I will always WEED.

G2010 – This challenge keeps me mixing things up.  The mini challenges and micro challenges make me focus places other than the scale.

TBL – This is just flat competition for me.  The one I am determined to FINISH this time (5th times a charm, right?)

Got a night of beer drinking, smoking (I know, I know) and eating shit food ahead of me.   But mellow for the most part.  Gonna mark off my Friday’s off on  my new calendar, and redo some pages here.  Be ready for Clean Slate Friday – or New Years Day.

I am going to try to get hubby out into the barn tomorrow and get some cleaning in.  Can’t stand another day of sitting around.  Makes me wanna go out and spend $ which is not in line with my finance goals this year.  We did combo A bank account and have our own as well.  Will be a true test of our ability to compromise.  I think we’ll do fine.  I want into my 15lb envelope, but may have to work extra hard since I slacked the last 2 “off” weeks of bootcamp.  Things have just felt overwhelming with the holidays and travel and bills and work and kids and uhhhhhh,  you all know what I mean.  Okay, off to get organized and move forward with purpose.  HAPPY NEW YEAR BLOG WORLD!  I hope it rejuvenates you, where ever you are at in your life!