Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

Check in… June 9, 2009

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Promised I’d get here. Really wanna go catch up on all my girls blogs… but my eyes are ready to slam shut.  Quick update.

Scale down 2# from yesterday. eh?

Ate POP today.  No exercise since I worked 12 hours.  Not looking forward to getting outta bed tomorrow morning.  Just want to melt away from the world….. just escape a minute.

Maybe this weekend. For now. off to read a minute, and update my calorie journal. Hope everyone is well!  About to go find out.


Why is it so freakin hard June 8, 2009

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to get here and write something?  I have the same number of hours as everyone else.   I dont get it.

I walked today, almost an hour.  I need to get at it 5 times this week.

Next week, I am going to put weights back in to the routine.  I have to in order to speed the process.  This is getting ridiculous.

On the not weight loss front, cuts still loom at work. Being the chairperson for the unrepresented Management Group is a draining job.  I just want to get back in that groove where I have a plan, give the priorities the most of my time, and can see and feel progress.  So much chaos in my 9 hour work days drains me for any true interaction at home.  Possibly even leaves me blaming my lack luster feeling on a non effort making boyfriend.  Must step back clear head and never give up.  Headed to find some 5Lb reward pictures.   Will check back tomorrow FOR SURE!!!