Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

Boblian gets his waxin’ April 5, 2009

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Let me be clear… it is a term of endearment admidst our competition with each other when fishing. “you better put on your game face, cuz you’re about to get your ass waxed!” (Butt kicked, beaten severly by a girl, etc) So… I heated up the competition. He started off mouthy. I needed his help in reeling in my fish. Final count Boblian 4, Me 9. 🙂
Here’s some pics ~


Anywho… You get the picture.  Boblian was a great sport though. And if the old cycle plays out, I will be the one fetching bait and the net on the next trip in 2 weeks while he yanks them outta the lake.  Either way, Derby (our new dog) is cool with hanging on the boat.  She’s a natural river dog. Eat, sleep, stick face in wind, pee, and repeat.  She’s awesome!  And we’ve already put 7 lbs on her as of todays weigh in.

Quite a change from the kennel 2 weeks ago.  She is also intended to walk me skinny by my birthday.  I owe it to here to not let her be a couch potato, and I owe it to myself to not excuse myself out of walking her.

Quick post, but thought I’d share. I’ll be back on tonight to go blog surfing!


Oh Sob, Oh Cry…. blah blah blah April 3, 2009

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Flame sequin pasties (boob and hooha), Pam Anderson look-a-like running the boat storage facility, Boblian drooling over both, and me with my muffin top stuffed, skull and cross bones too tight black shirt with dog hair all over it.  Welcome to spring break in Lake Havasu, fat girl style.  Good grief, has it been a year already? Am I really a full 15lbs fatter than last year.  Is the boat smaller, or is my ass bigger? Sheesh.

I am on a “borrowed” internet connection.  Looking into getting an aircard so I can have my access when I want, not just when the unsecured connection planets align.  My life has gone crazy in the last 3 weeks. Here’s my summary scored with Poopy or Peppy points.

1. POOPY – Work still blows. Pushing the very limits of my optimism, stress levels, sense of humor, and blood pressure.  I probably put 60 hours in last week, and feel like I have not gained on anything.

2. PEPPY – More accurately, PUPPY.  We got a new dog. Her name is Derby. The cat is REALLY pissed off.  Derby lost 6 lbs in 5 days from the time she arrived in the shelter.  We have put 5lbs back on her in 8 days (and ironically I too have gained 5 lbs in the same time frame) much to my surprise just because a dog needs extra calories, the owner does not.  I keep forgetting the dog was considered “emaciated” by the vet, and I was considered “obese” by the doctor.  They sound so much alike.  But I got her to be my nightly walking partner. She is 2 1/2, yellow lab mixed with ?. Pitt?  Shar Pei?  what ever. She’s house broken, crate trained, doesn’t bark and loves people, cats and small running objects (rabbits, birds, quail).  We walked London Bridge at Havasu today. She did fantastic. Tomorrow is her 1st big day on the boat.  Hopefully she digs it.

3. POOPY PEPPY – Had huge family dinner (20 at my house for fajitas). Was Boblians idea. He made fabulouso fajitas, I simply cleaned the house before and after for the enter weekend. 🙂  We are hosting it monthly.  Great to get together.  Exhausting prep and recovery.  In the end I would say the PEPPY out weighs the POOPY.

4. POOPY – I joined the gym 2 weeks ago. Have not seen the inside of it since then.

5. POOPY – I weigh 207 AGAIN!

6. PEPPY – I am going to hit the “6 Week body makeover” hard.  I know it works for me. I have no clue what I am waiting for.

I think thats it.  Getting up at the crack of Dawn’s butt tomorrow to go fishing…. should be a pleasant day on the lake if the winds die down.  Otherwise, I’ll be the fat girl, sans flame pasties, con oversize sweatshirt, fishing in the chop!

Will be back her Sunday girls.  Thanks for checking on me.  Will come say hi on your bloggies when I get back home!