Week 8

Week 8

This week has come so fast!  At the beginning I felt that 2 months was a long time and now here I am at week 8 and I can’t believe it went so fast.  I love working out with my group of ladies (and occasionally a guy), but my group was mostly ladies.  I wonder a little at the thought of not seeing them twice a week every week.  I know that it will be an adjustment to carry on at home.  I truly believe that I have the tools that I need to continue at home.  The whole crew is so good at cheering me on I feel like they are totally my family now.  I can’t wait to keep going at home and work on myself!  This 8 weeks is just the beginning.  I have decided that I will look at it as 8 week chunks.  My goal is to go out to Sturgis next year with my mom!  That will be my gift to myself after all of this hard work!

So since it is my 8th week I did all my final stuff; weight (down 16 pounds total), Measurements (down 11.75 inches total), and then all of my scans again.  It was amazing to see my scans all white (that means that I am in normal range for my spine).  I can’t wait to get my blood work and everything back to see the results I care about the most.  I want to know if I have improved and am no longer on the verge of a heart attack, or diabetes!  That will be the true test to show that I truly have changed my life!

Note: My test out for my last day of strength training we had to see how much we improved.  Here are my numbers from my last day:  (and no I did not do less on the last one, I actually did 15 of the harder one!!)



Crunches in 1 minute



Plank Position to Fail

51 Seconds

60 Seconds

Push Ups to Fail



Burpees or Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps




My Quote for week eight is: Success seems to be connected with action.  Successful people keep moving.  They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. (Conrad Hilton)

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