Week 2

Week 2:

Ahhhh, carbohydrates.  I didn’t realize that I would actually miss the fruit that I never ate before.  I also was excited to have an English muffin with my egg and sausage in the morning.  I learned this week that I love my workouts.  OK, I will be honest, I don’t love my trainers on Monday and Wednesday, but I love them the rest of the week when I am seeing the results of the hard work.  I also realized that I don’t mind sweating.  And everyone else that I am working out with are at all different levels, so this week I learned not to compare myself to them, because I am not doing this for them, I am doing this for ME!

On Saturday of week 2 I had two wedding receptions to attend (one was a 25th wedding anniversary, and the other was a belated reception).  I decided I would pack some good food in case it was all cake.  Both had fruit, veggies, and pulled pork (not on the bun yet or with sauce so I could add my own!).  So I dished up and ate, along with a little potato salad.  In between we went to Nelson’s in Stillwater.  I would not recommend anyone going there alone.  The kid’s ice cream serving is enough to feed 3 adults!  I scraped off the top and ate the cup.  Afterward, I did not feel good.  It was a lot of sugar for my body to handle.  But this was my freebie so I was ok.  I only had a little emotional meltdown after I ate the ice cream.  I battled with the idea that I just blew my whole plan on one thing of ice cream.  My husband then lovingly said-“You are not throwing this all away.  You need to understand what you can handle and what you can’t.  It’s not like you are going to say “I can’t ever eat ice cream again”.  You need to use this as a lesson.  You will know going forward that what you had was too much, but you didn’t waste the whole plan”.  This is what I needed to hear.  I think too often people are fatalistic and end up saying to themselves “well I screwed up, might as well not even bother”  “There is another diet right down the tubes”.  I think what people need to hear in that moment is that you can mess up.  You can have a bad day.  You can have a little treat.  You just can’t eat a tub of ice cream, but you can have a scoop.  I think so many more people would be more successful if this was the case.  I was then reminded that this ice cream was not the end of the world.  Once I realized that I was much better.

Some of the changes from this week that I have found are that I no longer am really stressed out.  I don’t yell at my kids anymore because I am worn out from just living.  I no longer feel like I could close my eyes at any time and just fall asleep for the night.  My mind is able to just be calm!  These changes are far more important to me and my family than weight loss.  I LOVE THIS LIFE CHANGE!  Oh yeah, and I lost another 3.5 pounds and 2.5 inches total so far.

My Quote for week two is: One should eat to live, not live to eat. (Moliere)

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