Week 1

Week 1:

What I found at the end of week one, is that it was a new learning experience to cook, plan my meals, and even shop for food.  I also don’t advise someone to start on a Monday and on that same day have your adjustment, massage and your first workout!  I was very ill the 2nd day because my body was in full rebellion.  Thankfully it only lasted until Tuesday evening.  I knew this was the best choice for me to make because when I was at work and feeling really sick, I called Dr. Justin and he informed me that I may have overdone it, but it is natural to not feel so good since my eating habits and exercise before this were non-existent.   Also he had someone from his office call me every few hours to make sure that I was still feeling ok and doing well.  Everyone in the office loves and cares for every patient!  It paid off, at the end of the week.  I lost 5.4 pounds the first week, which was awesome, but not the best part.  The best part was that I actually had energy.  Also, the severe heartburn that woke me up every night with acid in my mouth….GONE.  None.  Nada.  I can’t tell you the last time that I had a full night’s sleep with no Tums!  This was my biggest win.  Everyone wants to lose weight, but this is when I realized that it wasn’t just another weight loss program, these 8 weeks were going to change my life in ways I never thought about.

This was also a successful week because I had planned all my meals.  I didn’t feel rushed, felt I wasn’t eating enough, or that I didn’t have time to make what I wanted to make.  I also found out that it is ok to have great plans on meals, but they need to be something that you like, and that you feel you can keep on doing more than 1 time.  I realized that making stuffed peppers every week was not as practical as it was yummy.  But this week was trying new things, and oh did I do that!

Note: My test in for my first day of strength training we had to see where we were at health wise.  Here are my numbers from my first workout:

· Crunches in 1 minute: 28

· Plank position until you fail: held for 51 seconds

· Push Ups (on my knees) until you fail: 12

· Burpees or Squat Jumps: I did 17 Squat Jumps (for those that don’t know burpees are where you start in push up position hop to a frog position and then jump up in the air, then go back to frog position and then back to push up position)  This is why I chose squat jumps!

My Quote for week one is: Nothing hurts more than sitting on a couch! (via eatnexercise.tumblr.com)

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