Start Your Diet Today!

May 14th. The beginning.

So, today marks the start of my journey.

Im sat here, on the lap top listening to music, and feeling completely overwhelmed by what it is im trying to do. Im currently 215lbs and need to be 145lbs. Right now this doesnt even seem possible. But i know that i HAVE to do it, not just for me, but my family. My girls deserve a mummy who can run around with them, my fiance deserves to marry someone who he finds attractive, and I deserve it, because i AM worth it.

I think thats always been my problem. I’ve never felt I am worth it. That im not worth having pride or confidence in. But seeing my family evolve and grow has made me realise that I do love myself enough to do this.

So thats the soppy bit over with. Now the fighting talk!

As I said in the ‘About me’ bit, im not even expecting anyone to even read this. I just need to know that I have somewhere that I can come each week and be held accountable for what I do, be it positive of negative. And hopefully, if anyone does read this, I can give them enough courage to keep going.

I want this blog to be honest. No lies about calories or weight or exercise that only took place in my head!

I want this blog to be motivational. To see where i have failed and find a fix, or see where I have succeeded and build on it.

I want this blog to set goals. Weather its how many times I will go to the gym, how many lbs I want to lose by my weigh in, or an item of clothing I want to be in by a certain date.

So, that said, this weeks goals are as follows!

I have a feeling small steps is what will win this for me. As I saw somewhere today, I cant lose 70lbs, but I can lose 7 lots of 10lbs!!

Lizzie    xxx

‘A year from now you will wish you started today’.