First Post

My history with my weight:

As a small child, I ping-ponged between thin, normal and a bit chubby between growth spurts. All in all, I was at an acceptable weight up until around age 10 or 11, when the weight started to really pack on. I went through a great deal of illness – dozens of cases of strep, flu, and miscellaneous viruses and sniffles, and eventually a rather severe case of mono. I gained nearly 80lbs in around a year after contracting mono, at age 12-13. I stabilized around 210 and only gained tiny increments from then on – up to my all-time high of 219. After I turned 18, I committed myself to lifestyle reform and eventually dropped nearly 50lbs in a little under a year… and then depression, a rough breakup and health issues after a horrible reaction to antidepressant medication had me turning to food for comfort once again. I regained 24 of the pounds I lost.

When I realized the destructive path I was heading down once again, I decided that enough was enough – I am worth the effort. I am worth the work, the sweat, and the energy it takes to plan and carry out successful weight loss. I can do it, and I have to do it. For my health, my happiness and my emotional stability. I’ve already lost around four pounds, now sitting at an even 190, and focused on heading downward to my ultimate goal of 142.