Bad habits coming back around….

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I can see them coming up behind me…   hell… they are here.   I am eating junk food, injecting diet coke and sugar free rockstars into my veins…   I’m just not sure how to kick them.

One minute I was doing fine…. the next thing I knew, I was hit by a train

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Okay, so yes… it’s been what?   Three?  Four weeks since I posted last?   What a freaking whirlwind!   Let me fill you in:

Most of you know, or I think you do, that I work in the flooring industry.  We do new construction which means…  the housing bust hit us hard.  December 2008 had our company at 15 people all with a 20% pay cut (15 people down from 150 when it all started to go bad).   So we’ve picked up over the past year but there are only three people in my department (there used to be about 15 or so) now.  Since I am the senior person on the team, all new builders run through me.  Well, we got a new builder who had just fired their other flooring contractor which means we hit the ground running. 

At the same time….   I was named co-chair of my roller derby team’s recruitment committee and had two weeks to plan a recruitment event and come up with all newbie paperwork and info from scratch.  Although i have a co-chair, I am one of those people who like things done my own way, and i knew if I didn’t roll with it, things wouldn’t get done so I took the reigns and went with it.  It’s been me ever since and I’ve been doing all the work.  We had 50 girls show up at the event… about 20 have shown up at practices ever since, and I have to keep track of them all.   We have another event this Sunday….  now that I’ve got all those other girls organized it will start all over again.

SO….   story of my life over the past two weeks.  OH… and my boss is on paternity leave and I’m in charge of our department.  we are pretty self sustaining so it’s not a lot of work, but it’s still there.  Needless to say, I haven’t even though about my diet.  In fact, we ate out every night last week.   Also, I’m about over my family and their complaints about dinner.  A few weeks ago I just got up from the dinner table because I was tired of hearing the complaints.  Does everyone else deal with that as well?

On the bright side…   I’m obviously still exercising since I have practice two nights a week and try to get another night of skating and or running in there somewhere.  People on my team are telling me I’m losing weight…I  really don’t know if I’m losing it or if I’m just toning muscle so it looks better.  Either way, I’ll take it.   We have booked a cruise for April 25th.   We are taking the kids and going on a 4 night Disney cruise with Jake’s parents.  it shoudl be fun.  Addison says about every hour now “I want to go on the ship.”   yes, you and me both!!


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Yesterday I was super stressed. I ate as if I was super stressed. Maybe today will be better (eating wise that is). That is all.

The End

5.2k this morning…

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I haven’t run over a month. The last race I did was in November and it was a 10k. Today was a 5.2k. Like 3.1 miles isn’t enough, right? They have to add another tenth of a mile to it. Anyway, even after not running in over a month, my pace was the same. I finished in 37:25.. the 5k split was 36:05. I am very proud of it. I’ve never gone for speed… just endurance. If I can run the whole time, I’m proud of that. And I was able to do that.

As for eating… well, I’ve stayed sort of on plan. Weekends are ALWAYS hard for me. Especially getting back into it. BUT, I’ve done okay today. Friends came over last night and I did okay since i cooked, although I did treat myself to some apple cobbler for dessert. Today I had an asiago cheese bagel with egg, bacon and cheese at Panera AFTER the race (I was SOOOOO hungry) while having some girlfriend time with a close friend. Three hours later, my husband calls me to see if I was hungry… YUP! We went to Tijuana Flats (which if some of you remember is my weakness). They have some new products, so I had a Banging Chicken Burrito….. and I only ate HALF of it! YAY ME!! Usually, I would have eaten the whole thing. But this time, nope. I brought the rest home and can enjoy it later 🙂 Tonight I have to go to dinner at my father in law’s… it should be interesting due to who will be there. Long story.. not going into it here.

I’m kind of sore from the race, but not too bad. I have practice tomorrow and our new coach has promised to kick our asses into gear and that we will be CRAWLING to get water. I say… BRING IT!!!

H — U — N — G — R — Y

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OMG, ladies…. I am SOOO hungry today!!! I don’t get it! Well of course I get it.. I’m on a diet. Why else would I be hungry. If that wasn’t the case, I’d just eat whatever. I’ve eaten breakfast and two snacks already and downed two bottles of water and it’s only 10am!!! It’s going to be a rough day, I can tell. And there is that Slumpbuster Challenge looming too.. NO FAST FOOD. STICK TO FOOD PLAN!! I do not want to have to take a picture of me in my bikini for you gals. Although, I do admit, I love my bikini and I’m okay about how I look in it… I just don’t want it posted on the interweb!

Breakfast: Quaker Multi Grain Cereal – 130
cheeze its – 130

Snack: cheesestick – 70

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Pasta Carbonara – 300

Snack: popcorn – 190
cheesestick – 70
cheeze it’s – 130 (told you I was hungry)

Dinner: Lentil Burgers – 366
1 slice muenster cheese – 80
broccoli – 25

Exercise: I ran today. It was hard, and awful, and I HATED every step of the two miles or so that I did. Saturday is going to SUCK! BUT… I did it. That’s what counts.

I’m still feeling hungry, but at this point I don’t know if it’s actual HUNGER, or just the feeling that I need to eat. That wanting feeling.. I should just go to bed and be done with the day.

Wednesday 1/20

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I was such a loser last night. No, not in the weight loss area… negative. The fact that I had eaten all my calories (well, ended up right in the middle of my calorie range) and I went to a meeting where I stared at a bowl of chips and salsa for like 2 HOURS.. ate some watermelon to try to stop staring at said chips and salsa (which are like my kryptonite btw) and then ended up eating a handful of chips, a handful of cheez-it mix, and a mini bag of M&M’s. DOH!!! Oh well… it won’t kill me and I didn’t have THAT much so I probably didn’t go out of my calorie range. Lesson learned… don’t stare at chips and salsa for two hours….

Oh.. so tiny2b has resurrected Slump Busters and has issued a Slump Buster Challenge for the rest of the week. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO in.

Breakfast: Quaker Multi Grain Cereal – 130
Sugar free Rockstar (I needed the caffine boost) – 20

Snack: cheesestick – 70
3 slices turkey lunchmeat – 60

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Baja Chicken Quesadilla – 280
Reduced fat cheeze-its – 130

Snack:  banana – 125
mini larabar – 90

Dinner: Pasta with Chickpeas – 259
broccoli – 25
biscuit – 195

Exercise: i was supposed to run. I SHOULD have run… however, I went skating instead. Tiny2b, I’m sure you were just waiting for me to say I didn’t do anything so you could see a pic of me in my bikini… SORRY!! I really was going to run, but then one of my teammates texted to say that her and another girl on our team were going skating at the local rink. Well, they didn’t have to ask ME twice. So I grabbed my skates and out I went. Sure it wasn’t as “hard” as running, but it was “exercise with a purpose” and it got my butt in gear. MUST. RUN. TOMORROW. That 5k on Sat is going to be brutal if I don’t.

Tuesday 1/19

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Breakfast: Quaker Multi Grain Cereal – 130 (less today b/c i made it with water instead of milk)

Snack: Cheese stick – 70

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli – 280
sunchips (hey, i was hungry) – 280

Snack – Lime and Salt Popcorn – 190
cheesestick – 70
2slices turkey – 40

Dinner – 1 cup Southwest Sausage and Rice – 253

Today was an okay day. I was HUNGRY though. HUNG – GRY!! So I snacked quite a bit… but I stayed within my calorie range so that is good! I don’t think I’m going to get any exercise tonight. Tuesday would usually be a skating night but we are having a meeting instead of practice so no skating tonight. BOO… I actually look forward to doing it every week. So today will be my off day and I’ll make it up on Saturday when I run the 5k I’ve signed up for.

OH! I forgot to say… I did my “offical” weigh in this morning. Not as bad as I thought. Official starting weight is 184. And yes, I did get a round number on the scale for once. No decimals. So I’ve readjusted my goal to the beginning of April b/c I feel that losing 14 lbs in 2.5 months is totally doable. You can keep track of that on my “Weekly Weigh In” page and my exercise on my “Blood Sweat and Tears” page

And so it begins…

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Oh yes, I’m sure you ladies thought I wasn’t going to do this. It was all a lot of talk. NO WAY… not from the Slayer (some of you catch the reference, the rest of you will catch on)! There is a new attitude in town and it’s all about getting fit. I want to be a presence on the track not only b/c of my blocking ability but also b/c of how fit I am!! I want girls to see my guns and my quads and tremble in their skates!!

Anyhoo… so yes. Today was day 1 (I can never start on the weekend). I realized a little bit ago I forgot to weigh myself this morning to get a starting point. No matter… I’ll do it tomorrow. I made my breakfast last night to take with me this morning, I’ve consumed almost 2 bottles of water… it sort of feels like home. I’d love to run tonight, but I don’t think that will happen. Well, let me rephrase that… I would like to have a chance to run tonight. Love running? NEVER!! I have a 5k this weekend though and I haven’t run in over a month so I need to do something. The skating will probably help more than I think though. Too bad they won’t let you do the course in skates. It says no inlines, but it doesn’t say anything about quad skates… hmmmmmm…..

Oh… and here is a picture of Tainted Slayer. This was taken for a promotional shoot. There is a guy here in town that has been filming us and will eventually do podcasts and a documentary

Breakfast: Quaker multigrain hot cereal – 170
1/4 cup blueberries – 20

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Quesadilla – 260

Snack: Orville Redenbacher’s Lime and Salt popcorn single serving bag – 190

Dinner:  Shortcut Chicken Manicotti – 380

1 slice cuban bread – 110

According to Sparkpeople (where I am tracking my calories) I am 66 short for today to be at the 1220 mark.  Well, I’m just going to have to stay that way b/c it’s 10:42 and I am not eating right now.

Exercise:  58 minutes of hell — otherwhise known as Slim in 6 by Debbie Siebers.  The Burn it Up level (highest)  Thought I was going to die.  actually, it wasn’t that bad.  You are supposed to work up to it.  I’ve had the DVD’s 4 years now, 5?  and I’ve never finished the Burn it Up level.  Today I did… and I haven’t done any of them a year maybe.  DERBY ROCKS!!


SO…  day 1 — SUCCESS!!  Hopefully I can keep it up.  OH.. and I only drank 2 diet cokes.  One of course was a Super Big Gulp, but hey… I drank all my water!!

I’m baaaack…..

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A year ago I quit trying… after a year of really being conscience of what I ate and the amount of exercise I did each week and losing about 40lbs, blogging every day and tracking food, I just quit trying. I was tired, I was burnt out, and frankly, I just wanted to live my life again. Let’s face it. Weight loss is a full time job. There is preparation in the food you eat, there is time and effort in cooking, there is time in exercise. I was tired of it!! I didn’t just go hog wild.. no. I actually was able to lose about 10 more lbs in just doing what I normally do… but then I slacked off. And now those 10lbs have crept ever so slightly back on. Oh sure, my jeans still fit (which is good since I got rid of all my larger sizes) but I don’t feel as good as I did before.

What has changed? Well, for one I stopped running. For whatever, schedule, weather, lack of interest… I stopped. And that was my downfall. At least by running 2-3 times a week I was able to keep the scale at a number i was happy with regardless of what I ate during the week. Secondly, I stopped cooking real meals. I think we eat out at least 4 times a week and that is ridiculous. I am fully capable of cooking… I just don’t want to. When I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is spend my night in the kitchen!!

But I am starting to feel the reprucussions of these things. It’s time to get back to what I was doing before. Not to mention the fact that I started doing Roller Derby. And over the past 4 months of practicing, I realize that even though I am in okay shape… I need to be in better shape. I need to start running again for endurance, I need to start eating right so I have energy, and I need to drop a few more so i can look smokin’ hot on the track in my fishnets.

So what does that entail? Here are a list of my goals:

1. 1220-1500 calories a day
2. Consume ridiculous amounts of water. I drink WAAAY too much diet coke.
3. Exercise EVERY day.. even if it means having a dance party with my kids in the living room
4. Run 2-3 times a week.
5. Blog and track food choices again
6. Get my ass back in the kitchen and start cooking again

My baby boy is 7 today!

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I can’t believe it’s been 7 years!! I won’t even think about how many pounds have been lost since then. You guys would be floored.

So what does that mean? It means I have a shit ton of things to do before his party this weekend.

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