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I’m Back Bishes!!!! April 30, 2009

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How is that for insulting? No really, I’ve been gone a grip I’m afraid. One of the reasons, get ready for this lame bit of info, it’s a pain in the ass to login after a few days cause I forgot my password awhile back. Had it reset and when I go to change it to something other than a 75 string of letters and numbers it tells me I have the wrong current password. Whatever people. I’ll either figure it out or keep resetting.

Anyway, I’ve had a somewhat weird week. I’ve been off work since Wednesday for fear I may have picked up the Swine flu on my fabulous vacation. My momma has been sick since last week and my aunt and I both started with dizziness and sore throats. We had to go in and get a q-tip thing shoved up our nostril(nice I know) and the results won’t be in until Friday. I’m thinking we don’t have it.

I haven’t really tracked much of my eating or exercised much this week. I got on the treadmill tonight and it felt fabulous. I need to remember that feeling everytime I don’t wanna work out. It sure beats the guilt I feel when I don’t. I’m excited for a new month. Kinda like when I had a WW journal and got to get a new one. There is this thrill in a clean start. I have a friend’s wedding at the end of the month and want to buy a cute new dress. Need to keep that in mind.

Anyways, off to bed. I’ll catch up with everyone soon!!!

Here are a few pics from the trip.


Going Down April 21, 2009

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Ok, so weight this morning was 212. Headed in the right direction thank goodness. I didn’t exercise last night. I spent most of my evening playing with the kids and doing homework. Missing a week of an accelerated class doesn’t exactly make things any easier. Tonight is Biggest Loser, so I will do C25K and do circuits during the show NO MATTER WHAT!

I’ve eaten a banana so far and think I need to go eat my yogurt. I’ll be too hungry at lunch otherwise. I need to do a little better at meal planning for sure. I think I may make this Buffalo Chicken soup tonight. I alter all the ingredients to the low fat version and it’s super yummy. Not to mention super easy which is perfect for me.

I’m trying to think about what kind of fruit and veggie I want to try this week. Very cool idea for the challenge. Also what I want my me time to be..hmmmm…..I’m throwing a Wedding Shower for a guy I work with Friday and we are going to this Kroger Marketplace on Wednesday for some food for it. They have all kinds of fruits and veggies, so I’ll pick out something cool to try. Speaking of the shower…I just ordered the cake from this super awesome bakery. This cake will probably be a hot mess cause I told the decorator to put all this stuff on it that’ll combine all the cakes I loved in their gallery. HA! I act like it’s for me or something.

Anyway thanks for all the comments yesterday! You guys are awesome!


Back to Reality April 20, 2009

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Ahhh friends Mexico was WONDERFUL!!! We stayed in Playa Del Carmen, which is a million times better than Cancun. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time. I’m missing the sunshine already, but it’s supposed to get a little better around here soon. It’s amazing how being on vacation makes you want to take better care of yourself. Maybe it’s the airplane seats 🙂 Geesh do they suck!

Anyway….here is the damage. I had been avoiding the scale. Since I had been redoing the bathrooms, my scale had been in the garage and I just let it sit there. I got that bad boy out this morning and woooweee….213. OMG. 213. It is also my TOM, so i’m not going to freak, or maybe I should. Hmm….I’m going to re-do week 3 of C25K since I did NO exercise while away other than fighting my way through the sand to my chair. We did nod to the people jogging or going to the gym while we zoomed by on the golf carts..No wonder I’m fat 🙂

I’ve joined Slump Buster’s this week also. Clean eating will be staying within my points including AP and Flex. I’m also going to start weighing everyday and POSTING it. Alright, off to do some work and catch up on some blogs!


Next Week’s Challenge April 10, 2009

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Things have been so crazy with fitting everything in this week!!! I’ll update more later, but wanted to let everyone know Angelina will be hosting next week’s Slump Buster’s challenge. Here is her link..


Next Challenge??? April 9, 2009

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I’m trying to find someone who hasn’t hosted a week for the Slump Buster’s Challenge for next week. I don’t know everyone’s blog names so i’m having trouble finding people. Let me know if you’d like to or no someone who hasn’t yet. I wish this site made it easier to search for people. Not so much.

Today is Zumba…oh dear please help me. I’m tryin not to psych myself out and just go have fun with it. I only did 30 minutes on the treadmill last night, so I will probably do day 2 of C25K week 3 tonight also to get some extra minutes in.


Log Legs April 8, 2009

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I started week 3 of C25K last night. The warm up and first round of intervals were fine.  Once I got to the 2nd round my legs were just feeling heavy. It is probably from the stair walking, but I made it through. I added some time on the treadmill and did strength training and abs during Biggest Loser. It really helps to do it during the show. I was feeling super motivated. I ended up with 75 minutes towards the challenge. I have 105 towards the total this week.

I  ended up using 3 of my flex points yesterday. Lunch was at Chick-fil-a and I had a moment of weakness. I had a lean cuisine and veggies to try and make up for it for dinner. Not sure what is in store for today. I’m sure I’ll do the treadmill and probably focus more on lower body tonight.


Tuesday April 7, 2009

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Ok, things have been crazy busy! I realized I didn’t put what I was doing this week for the challenge. I am giving up the elevator. I work on the 4th floor and oh my word. I better have legs of steel by the end of the week, lol. I am also….oh I don’t know if I even want to say it….going to do Zumba on Thursday with a co-worker and his wife. Now he is a complete goon and I will probably pee my pants laughing, but I am so freaking nervous about it. I WILL do it and get it over with. I’m sure it won’t be so bad.

I only got in 30 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. I have to start my week 3 C25K tonight and get in some crazy minutes. I went spray tanning last night and you aren’t supposed to shower or anything for awhile after. Has anyone done the spray tanning before??? OH MY I think I’ve given myself a disease. They tell you not to breathe it in. What they don’t tell you, is the “mist” that SHOOTS at you is about 20 below 0. How am I not supposed to gasp and suck in gallons of the crap EVERYTIME it shoots me in the face??? It probably lasted 5 seconds, but I swear it was an eternity. I mean really, they could’ve started at your feet to give you some kinda warning. Oh well, it’s looking pretty good so far, so what if I get a lung fungus.

Back to work..check in later.


Slump Buster’s Week 5 Challenge April 5, 2009

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Sorry it’s taken so long to post ladies!

As most of you may know, I had the pleasure of seeing NKOTB(New Kids on the Block to those of you lame enough not know, j/k) Friday  night. It was FREAKING AWESOME! So this week’s Slump Buster’s Challenge has a New Kid’s kinda feel.

Alright ladies…it’s almost Summertime. Do you got the Right Stuff to get you through this week? Let’s see if you can Hang Tough and reach Cover Girl status. Here’s the plan:

-80oz H2O

-Clean eating based on your definition

-275 minutes of activity – Make some of those minutes an activity you wouldn’t normally do even if you only do it once this week. For instance, a new class, run, bike, whatever.
-Pick something that you use out of convenience that may be hindering your weight loss (elevator, fast food, frozen food, remote (if you want us to make fun of you, j/k) and quit using it this week.  


If you make it, you have the pleasure of posting this:






And if you don’t make it……

You Tube yourself singing your fave NKOTB song….no camera, no problem. I’ll give you some digits and you can call and serenade me. No promises not to laugh! Also, if anyone wants to give their number out ,you have to call them too.

Ok, if you don’t get your water in or don’t have a clean eating day, you can add 30 minutes of activity to make up for it. Let’s make this a good week!!! I’m really not so sure I want to hear any of you sing! 🙂




A quickie April 2, 2009

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Ok, my boss was all over me today, so I suppose I should remain focused the the rest of the afternoon and work. Bummer I know. Managed to still stay on plan yesterday, but I had to POUND the last couple of glasses of water last night. I managed to get in another 45 min. on treadmill, 20 min of lower body, and 15 min. of abs. I also did 30 min on the elliptical at work today. Only 70 more minutes to get in today. It’s gonna be tough, but I really need to get it in cause tomorrow is a no go.

Ok, ok back to work I go. I am hosting the Slump Buster’s challenge next week. Hmmmm….how nice should I be???? 🙂


I finished the week and earned my award. I did great at dinner before the concert and had tilapia, salad, and steamed veggies. We didn’t drink or go out afterwards, so that was cool too. I finished my minutes the night before between my treadmill and elliptical and I did a 20 minute circuit.



All in a year’s time… April 1, 2009

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Ok, I’ll update my progress from yesterday then I’m going to refect a little bit. I dipped into some flex. I ate out twice and didn’t make the best choices. I still think I’ll be cool the rest of the week though. I have 18 left plus whatever ap’s I earn. Yeah I’ll be cool 🙂 I also got in all my water, but no exercise. I typically take Tuesday’s off from homework and they’ve turned into my lazy days. Although last night during Biggest Loser my son started projectiling vomit all over my carpet(like 3 inches from the linoleum that is getting replaced in 2 days). Poor kid, but I was feeling sorry for myself, lol. Gross.

I’ve only eaten once and that was at Olive Garden. I need to check the points of what I ate. I don’t know why I didn’t do that before, duh. Let’s hope I didn’t screw up and now have to add MORE minutes onto the bazillion I have left for 2 days. Wow, I better get it in gear 🙂

Ok, so today is my ex’s birthday. I’m not wishing him happy birthday. In fact, i can’t possibly imagine he could find anything happy in today. This isn’t a relationship post or bash my ex either, lol, no worries. We split almost a year ago this week. I’ve just been thinking about what has happened and how I have changed in this past year.  

I had about zero self worth and it took me a long time to leave because I couldn’t imagine anyone else would want me. After splitting I decided I wanted to buy a house. So I did. And I love it. Slowly I started to see what I am capable of accomplishing. Right after making my first mortgage payment my ex decided he was up and moving. Left me faced with an eviction(yes, his apartment was in my name, believe me I’ve learned) and a car. Refused to give me anything or say anything to the kids. Just left. It was quite possibly the lowest point in my life. When it rains, it pours. Everything, and I mean, everything was just going downhill fast. I cried more in that month than  in my entire life I swear.

But, I picked myself up. I still took car of my kids, went to work, did well in school. All of the shitty things he did and said to me made me stronger. I may not meet another man in years. So be it. I’m strong and I’m ok with being by myself. I still have a long way to go, but I know I’ll get there. I feel like I’ve released so much negativity from my life and it’s a huge step in getting my weight loss in gear. I know how strong my mind is, it’s time to recognize how strong my body is. To appreciate everything about me.



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