Day 33: I just ate a bunch of Doritos.

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And I’m on my second class of (unsweetened) iced tea.  And now I’m going to weigh myself, knowing there’s probably half a pound in food weight there.


Obese again, but for not exercising for three weeks, it’s not bad. I gained what, two pounds? I suppose I can work with that. I’ve been playing DDR for the past day or two and find its exercise much more fun than Wii Fit plus, so I think I’m going to switch over for a bit and see what happens. Today is January 9th. By February 1st, I would like to weigh 190lbs.

Day 26: Hello, I’m still alive!

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So.. in case you’re a normal reader (like I have any. 😛 ) I disappeared for a bit over two weeks. This was because 1) I’m at my parent’s house right now, meaning little to no opportunity for exercise/diet/etc, 2)My boyfriend came home for Christmas. He just left for college again this afternoon.

…So when it came between spending two weeks with my boyfriend and just relaxing or staying at home so I could exercise, I chose my boyfriend. His flight took off half an hour ago and I already miss him. 🙁 So now that he’s gone, I have more time to focus on my goals. Now that it’s 2012, my resolutions are even more imminent. So I’m going to weigh myself on Monday and see where I’m at. (I did a weigh a few days ago and was 192.5… obese again, but honestly.. I can’t complain about two pounds when I overate every day and did no exercise whatsoever.

So I’m alive, slightly fatter, but ready to go.

Day 9: Starcraft

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Because StarCraft is great and hopefully you catch the joke.

Anyways, did decently yesterday considering my finals stress (though I did go all pmsy at the end of the day, which was AWESOME, let me tell ya.

Breakfast: Toaster strudel
Lunch: Leftover chicken alfredo w/ bread
Snack: Cheez-its
Dinner: Sukiyaki chicen with broccoli

Day 8: Yep

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I weighed myself yesterday morning: 190.5. NOT OBESE. WHOOO~

I spent eight hours in the library, then fell asleep at 8pm, my reason for not making an entry. xD Meaning two today!

Homework. Achieved. Definitely achieved.

Exercise: I was actually able to do some! A bunch of cardio since my muscles are still sore from the 30 Day Shred video. xD That’s what I’m hopefully gonna start today.

Food: Michelina’s frozen fettucini, pumpkin pie poptart, handful of cheezits, two Bawls energy drinks, chicken alfredo, sugar cookie. I

t was all spaced out since I was frazzled all day. I know it’s not a very good diet for studying, but that’s basically what I have left in the house since I’m only gonna be here for two more days before going home for the holidays.

But YEAH. 190.5. 😀

Day 7: Finals are killer

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Hello! I ate a bit weirdly today, but I DID manage to exercise.

Homework: Still working on it. I didn’t realize the sheer AMOUNT there was, holy cheese. Again, it’s not homework, it’s studying notes for my stupid finals. I have the feeling I’m going to be up really late tonight finishing these up. Luckily, I don’t have any tests tomorrow. They start thursday.

Exercise: 30 Day Shred video, level 1

Breakfast: Onion bagel and cream cheese
Lunch: Cookie, cheesestick w/ mustard
Snack: None
Dinner: Pizza burger and macaroni and cheese, cookie

I have the feeling that I won’t get a chance to exercise tomorrow. I’m going to be studing ALL EFFIN DAY. And I’m going to the library in the morning in hopes of studying better. The apartment is very distracting, turns out. Even with all the other students at the library, we’re all doing the same thing, so hopefully there will be a collective mind of ‘LEAVE ME ALONE, MUST GET THIS DONE’ going around. Wish me luck? I just want this week to be over. (Also, TMI, but shark week is supposed to start Thursday, so little to no strenuous exercise will be done then aside from walking. It weirdly makes me cramp more and get very nauseous. @@ I’ll eat better on those days to make up for it though. Lotsa fluids!

Also, weigh-in is tomorrow. Hopefully I’m not obese anymore, but with the way I ate this past weekend, I’m not expecting too much. :/

Day 6: Back on Track!

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(Right now it’s 10:30am, I haven’t actually accomplished anything yet, but this is my pledge to do so. I have no classes today except for a meeting at 3:30. I have dinner planned out, and I’ve already eaten breakfast. I’m in the middle of drinking an energy drink in the hopes of getting some school work and cleaning done today. My exercise will take place after my meeting, then a shower, then dinner after that. Japan club is tonight at eight pm, where I will take a bottle of water, but no food. Today is going to be a good day, I just know it. 🙂

(Now it’s midnight) It was a semi-productive day today! Goals were: exercise, do homework.

Exercise: Achieved. Did fifteen minutes of Wii running, plus about forty-five minutes of walking.

Homework: Achieved. Well, I didn’t really have homework per say, but finals are coming up (Thursday and Friday) and I have to finish my notes for those before I can actually study them. I finished up my cognitive ones. 🙂

Breakfast: Onion bagel and cream cheese, a few handfuls of honey-roasted peanuts
Lunch: None
Snack: None
Dinner: Chicken curry with rice, single cookie for dessert (I knew I was gonna have curry, which is a fairly decently sized meal, so I had a bit of a larger breakfast as well and just skipped lunch and snack so I’d be hungry again by dinner. : P

Tomorrow’s goal: Exercise MOAR, finish either Sensation Perception notes or Psychotherapy notes.

Day 5.5 – Small Update

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Hello again! Just wrote what, a couple hours ago? Well, after I finished that, I thought that I should at least get some exercise in. Instead of doing Wii Fit like I usually do, I put in Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, a work out video that I used to do a lot when I was smaller and hadn’t done in a while… well, I got through the two minute warm up and half way through the strength part of the first cycle and had to shut it off because I couldn’t breathe fast enough to get enough oxygen to my brain. It made me realize how TRULY out of shape I am. I used to be able to do that entire video! Albeit, I was a sweating mass of ooze by the end of it, but I could complete it! The fact that I didn’t even get five minutes in is disappointing and disturbing, and points to how big my belly has really gotten.

Therefore, I’m going to alternate between this video and Wii Fit until I can get to where I can finish the video. I’m really disappointed in myself, but determined not to give up. Tomorrow, I’ll try again.

Also, this video: 23 1/2 Hours

Day 5: Blaah

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This weekend has just been bad. xD I did very badly again today. It seems that I do the worst when I’m at my parents’ place for the weekend. During the week though while I’m in classes, I think I do pretty well. Well, it’s time to test this theory. I’m back at the apartment and have no classes until Thursday (and then, they’re finals) so we’ll see how I do. MY GOAL IS TO NOT BE OBESE ON WEDNESDAY WHEN I WEIGH MYSELF.

Day 4: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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I went to a Christmas party today, enough said. I didn’t stick to my diet at ALLL. xD I’ll do better tomorrow though! 😀

But I DID get a bit of exercise in. I’d say hiking up a huge hillside in the wilderness, chopping down a pine tree, dragging it and tying it to a car counts, right?

Day 5, you shall be far more productive than Day 4. These Christmas parties are gonna be killer. xD I can think of three more at least that I’m going to… meaning I’m going to have to figure out a way for this not to happen again, hahaha.

Day 3: I don’t think I’m gonna rhyme the whole time. …Dammit

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Goals: Exercise, homework

Exercise: Achieved. 17 minutes of running, yoga triangle. 134 calories burned.

Homework: Achieved. Did part of ch 13 for psychotherapy

Breakfast: Strawberry mini-wheats
Snack: Cheese-stick and brown mustard
Lunch: Mint mocha, chicken ceasar wrap (most delicious things on the planet)
Dinner: Spaghetti and veal parmesan (Relatively small plate. Smaller than I used to eat at any rate.)
Better than yesterday? Still not ideal though.

Update though! One of my original goals was to get a job… and I got a call today for a job interview! It’s tomorrow at 11am, wish me luck! 😀

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