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August 15th, 2012

I am in a rather odd state of mind… After contacting the Open University regarding being far behind with my studies and considering stopping, they, or should I say HE, persuaded me to continue as I can fill in a certain form which will get my marks for TMAs enhanced. Trouble is I still have to get my head round doing the blinkin’ things!..However, I am not one to give up…I shall press on regardless… I shall do my utmost, even though it may not be of great worth when it comes to my grade score. Who knows?!! I may well end up with a degree after all even if I have to go on to something different and obtain an Open Degree!

Did a lot of gardening on Sunday…well,..a lot for me..and am now paying for it as my back is extremely painful. Slept quite a lot the last couple of days due to taking strong meds. However, did get my little flower border looking much better and gleaned a few blueberries from the bushes.

Computer playing up..AGAIN!! Really need a new one but finances are not forth comming at the mo’. I have to pay off the balance for my Xmas cruise in a couple of weeks time…£1,890 to be precise…): Just wish I could get this weight shifted so I can look a bit more glam for the trip..(sigh!)

Relationship with my daughter is back on track methinks, even though she doesn’t phone me like she used to, at least we are on good speaking terms now. Lightens my heart greatly..(:

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