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August 10th, 2012

Friday August 10th 2012
Recieved phone call from doctor and was very relieved to find that everything is okay…Diabetes seems to be under control but cholestrol levels abit OTT. Then he talked me into trying some “different” statins tablets..): .. statins is statins whatever the name. Don’t think I will be collecting them after all.

Kept to my WW regime today and even resisted the temptation to buy some chocolate…The ate at least 5 custard cream biscuits this evening…Drat!!

Bought a belt that has tiny magnets in it for easing back pain. Wore it for about three hours yesterday and apart from the actual support it gives me, I do find my back is much less painful today.
Also bought some large briefs online which were quite reasonably priced. So glad to find that not only are they really good quality but also the “large” size is just that..LARGE… (Hooray)

Tutorial tomorrow morning with new tutor. TMAs get harder and harder and am really considering giving up… altho’ I even hate that word and will be soo embarressed to have to admit it if I did and I really am awful at trying to hide things…I’ll press on a bit longer.. (:

Just wish my legs and feet didn’t feel so cold and painful. When they do feel warm then the rest of me is far too hot. That’s the trouble with having a bad spinal defect…”worse things at sea” ..lol!

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