March 2nd, 2013

It’s a rather disappointing day with the WI showing a gain..so am back to 14st 6lb (202lbs) !!
WI should really be on Mondays so could lose a pound or two before then..(fingers crossed)

Still have an ongoing problem with my daughter which is the main reason for my being uptight and getting into a tiswas! And to cap that I have now rather fallen out with my sister after being very grumpy when talking to her about a week ago… I am just not feeling like talking to anyone at the mo’ and they can all get stuffed!

Had another massage on Monday which is helping to ease the pains that I have continously. Council workman called and fitted some lovely lever style taps in my kitchen. Cleaner lady called on Wednesday and did her magnificent magic leaving my flat sparkling and spotless. Friday..hairdo and on to my U3A group where we discussed various topics on the subject of Colours. Finished off with our usual cuppa and biscuits with lots of laughs to boot.
So today have listened to my favourite music..C&W on the radio from 9 till 12noon.. Brill. Did a few odd jobs and prepared my meal for tonight…. so all fine and dandy.

Calorie count today very good and just hope my mojo keeps working.

Bits that Really Matter!

August 29th, 2012

I had a bad day today. Woke with my back really aching and stayed in bed with a hot water bottle for quite some time. Rather binged on biscuits, nuts and cream cheese. Very annoyed about it but have decided enough is enough!!
Bought an air walker which will be delivered on Monday. Will be going swimming on Tuesday and am going to arrange to go for massages to help with the aches and pains I will no doubt get thro’ starting this exercising. My cruise is jus three months away and I am determined that I will look just a wee bit more glam by that time.
Am seriously considering whether to stop my studies as it takes up so much of my time but on the other hand I would so much like to get a degree and I hate giving up for any reason. Perhaps I will wait and see what my final result will be before I come to a conclusion.

Am really pleased to have recieved an e-mail from my son. He is still suffering very badly from his anxieties and depression but at least he has made the attempt tp contact me which is great. Now I have all three of my children contacting me again, not as frequently as I would like, but at least we are on speaking terms again. Long may that last!

Last of the Summer Whine!

August 23rd, 2012

August 23rd 2012 Thursday ..
I have just managed to submit the last TMA for this course I am doing. Was quite amazed to see that a seemingly well versed older student has not been able to do a better word count than myself…and he’s been rather quiet of late. Don’t expect I shall get a very high grade for this one but only the last EMA to go now. Fingers crossed to obtain a diploma this year.
Will be having a nice relaxing day tomorrow. Hairdo first and then on to get a badly needed manicure. May even treat myself to my yearly McD. Also I must go and order my new carpet for the hallway.
Telephone has not been working all day today. Phoned TalkTalk who put me on the Alert list apparently as I am in need of getting in touch with my doctor. No message to say they have been able to find anything amiss as yet.
Diet has been a bit of a shambles but I have had my head buried in books for some time. I do so wish I could believe that WeightWatchers is the way to go. I am not looking for a miracle but just SOMETHING that will work. I really am at my wits end to know how to get this flab to diminish!!
Hope the weather stays cooler .. can’t be doing with all this heat. Makes my aches and pains much worse….Whine over for today!

More Bits’n Pieces

August 19th, 2012

Sunday 19th August 2012

Had a phone call from my youngest daughter.. really made my day. We had such a lovely chat.
So glad that we are back on speaking terms at last.
She has had quite a bad time with illness lately as have her daughters.

Have kept to a good eating program today… at last seem to be getting into the swing of WW.

Too hot for me these last few days. Must be at least 82degrees.

More Bit’sN Pieces

August 15th, 2012

I am in a rather odd state of mind… After contacting the Open University regarding being far behind with my studies and considering stopping, they, or should I say HE, persuaded me to continue as I can fill in a certain form which will get my marks for TMAs enhanced. Trouble is I still have to get my head round doing the blinkin’ things!..However, I am not one to give up…I shall press on regardless… I shall do my utmost, even though it may not be of great worth when it comes to my grade score. Who knows?!! I may well end up with a degree after all even if I have to go on to something different and obtain an Open Degree!

Did a lot of gardening on Sunday…well,..a lot for me..and am now paying for it as my back is extremely painful. Slept quite a lot the last couple of days due to taking strong meds. However, did get my little flower border looking much better and gleaned a few blueberries from the bushes.

Computer playing up..AGAIN!! Really need a new one but finances are not forth comming at the mo’. I have to pay off the balance for my Xmas cruise in a couple of weeks time…£1,890 to be precise…): Just wish I could get this weight shifted so I can look a bit more glam for the trip..(sigh!)

Relationship with my daughter is back on track methinks, even though she doesn’t phone me like she used to, at least we are on good speaking terms now. Lightens my heart greatly..(:

More Bits’n Pieces!

August 12th, 2012

Very hot day. Went into garden and did quite a bit of tidying.
Noticed that the councils “Mow & Grow” team have cut down my lovely rose bush! Also managed to chop off half of my water butt tap and yanked my bird bath out of the ground, breaking it in half and thriowing it into the bushes at the end of the garden!! I shall be taking them to task this week and demanding some compensation.

Didn’t eat much today.. 3am this morning had a yogurt and a banana so I could take some meds and then nothing else apart from a few grapes till teatime when I had an egg and cheese salad. So WI tomorrow morning should be good..methinks!

Haaa! That’s better!

August 10th, 2012

Friday August 10th 2012
Recieved phone call from doctor and was very relieved to find that everything is okay…Diabetes seems to be under control but cholestrol levels abit OTT. Then he talked me into trying some “different” statins tablets..): .. statins is statins whatever the name. Don’t think I will be collecting them after all.

Kept to my WW regime today and even resisted the temptation to buy some chocolate…The ate at least 5 custard cream biscuits this evening…Drat!!

Bought a belt that has tiny magnets in it for easing back pain. Wore it for about three hours yesterday and apart from the actual support it gives me, I do find my back is much less painful today.
Also bought some large briefs online which were quite reasonably priced. So glad to find that not only are they really good quality but also the “large” size is just that..LARGE… (Hooray)

Tutorial tomorrow morning with new tutor. TMAs get harder and harder and am really considering giving up… altho’ I even hate that word and will be soo embarressed to have to admit it if I did and I really am awful at trying to hide things…I’ll press on a bit longer.. (:

Just wish my legs and feet didn’t feel so cold and painful. When they do feel warm then the rest of me is far too hot. That’s the trouble with having a bad spinal defect…”worse things at sea” ..lol!

AyUp!! Here we go!

August 7th, 2012

August 7th 2012 Tuesday

Had a not too bad day..which means my aches and pains were not as bad as they usually are. Didn’t get up till about 11am as felt soo tired. Glad I did that as was much better for it.

Got lots of odd jobs done and then did a little bit of studying… and …was delighted to get my OU TMA6 results..scored 44 which is a pass..and had some very encouraging remarks from the new tutor.

My weight loss regime is very good and have used 26 Pro Points today. Just hope I don’t end up having a midnight binge as often happens.

Looking into making plans to go to the Edinburgh Tattoo again next year and will treat myself to a topnotch hotel this time.

Monday August 6th 2012

August 6th, 2012

Did loose 2lb during the week but as I indulged on two days this is now only 1lb! Still..better than nothing! .. Now weigh 14st6lb (202lbs)

Got down to studying and have caught up a wee bit. Still loads to do though and next TMA coming up soon.

Received phone call yesterday from docors surgery for me to go in for another blood test as I have high potassium levels. Have had kidney and heart problems for ages so hope things have not gotten too drastic. Then received a letter from surgery to make an appointment for doctor to discuss my results over the phone… wonder what that’s about? Actually, really can’t be worrying about that as I have had alsorts of problems over the years which have spelt disaster… and I’m still here!!

Had a phone call from a dear friend who moved away from this area some time ago. Had a lovely chat..made my day.

Woke up with awful sore throat this morning..think I must have been having a hearty snoring session last night…lol! Feeling a lot better now.

Phone sister to see how she was…she asked me about my dentist and I remembered not to rabbit on about how great they are as she inevitably will then report back that she found them awful..etc.etc..So said they were okay and their new premises were sort of okay…expect she will tell me how wonderful they are now.

Am off to prepare my tea/dinner/evening meal..whichever you want to call it.

24ProPoints used today

Dream On!! ..

August 4th, 2012

After my weight loss so far..just a week and not having been a good girl either… I may just be a “new” me for my Xmas cruise…


I can but dream, hey?!