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<looking around> Hi, everybody! Yep. I’m back. And my blog is STILL here! Yay! It’s been awhile. I’m actually doing okay weight-wise; ate a little piggishly over the holidays, but got back to my “healthy lifestyle” right afterwards and have dropped the holiday bloat, thank gawd. My itty bitty twinnies turned a year old on March 18 – it hardly seems possible – but they are thriving, and both weigh in at 26 pounds which is pretty phenomenal, considering what tiny little premies they were when they were born. I will try to post a picture, but don’t know if I’ll be able to – when the blogs were first switched to this format I tried without any success, but maybe it’s gotten easier? So DH & I saw that movie/documentary “Food, Inc.” and THAT has ended up restricting our eating even more than we had already restricted it. I haven’t had any red meat for several years now, but was enjoying all the different ways I could use chicken and ground turkey and pork loin roasts, etc. Now, after seeing that movie, I can only eat free range, humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone-free and organically fed chicken, turkey and pork, and I’m here to tell you it isn’t that easy to find, and it IS more expensive. But I feel better about eating it, so I guess that’s a good thing. So, on top of that, I’m getting old as the hills, am beginning to accept that and not feel any compulsion to turn back the clock or anything – and I’m living pretty comfortably with the wrinkles if not the extra ten pounds that I am even now struggling to drop in the interests of staying physically active as opposed to curling up in a rocker on the front porch which is what I some days feel like doing. Oh, of course I’m still working; can’t retire for a few more years, but I’m dabbling in dress design, which I love, and will maybe do something with that once I can kick the day job to the curb. And speaking of curbs, I can’t even see any of those hereabouts – this is the second day of monsoon season in New England (the second day of THIS monsoon, that is; we had a big one a week ago) and the road below my office is washed out as are a lot of the roads out of this gawdforsaken place….we moved from Back Bay Boston to an office park in Canton, MA, which to me was not a brilliant decision, but who am I to wonder why….a couple more years and I’m outta here. Anyway, we had some serious flooding last time, and we’re in a state of emergency yet AGAIN with no end of rain in sight. I mean, it is POURING out there. Driving isn’t great fun. My SAD is about to kick in, and I may have to risk skin cancer and take myself to a tanning salon if there are any still around, because I get really EVIL when I don’t get enough sun. Winter was bad enough – we had a rainy summer last year – and this spring is off to a really ugly start. They are predicting a really nice, sunny and warm weekend. One can only hope. We’re going down to visit my sis in Nawth Cahlina the first of May, and I told her she’d best have some sun planned. Hey, I’m back at my blog! This is pretty kewl. Hi Annie and Ruby and…and…..hey, where IS everybody, anyway? Oh well, I’ll be back. I lost that silly password that they give you when you request a new one, then I got a new one and copied and pasted it out of my email, but now I have to figure out how to change it to one that I can remember.

See y’all soon,


Okay, I STILL can’t attach a picture….I don’t know the URL and dimensions and all that stuff! Why can’t I just attach it from my pictures file? Jeesh!

March 30th, 2010 at 2:49 pm
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    iniya Says:


    So happy to see you. Wish I could say I had done as well weight-wise. But whatever!! Giving it a good positive go again.



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    anngirl Says:

    As always, you have been SORELY missed woman! So glad to have you amongst us again 🙂