01/02/13 and 02/02/13

Not a good few days in all fairness.


Breakfast: half a cup of porridge oats, 1 cup rice milk, handful raisins. Only at half. Banana

Lunch: 1 cup powdered beetroot soup, 2 slices rye and sunflower seed bread, toasted. 250g fresh pineapple.

Dinner: half a package polish dumplings, spoonful garlic and herb cream cheese, chocolate flavoured soy yoghurt. 2 chocolate bars, 1 pack chocolate buttons

Drinks: 2 large southern comfort and pepsi max, 4 double gin and lemonades, 2 vodka lemonades


Brunch: Mc Donalds crispy chicken wrap, chicken and salad only, half a portion of fries, half a dairy milk mcflurry.

Dinner: half package polish dumplings, spoon of cream cheese, large pack quavers, large twix bar.

Drinks: Pepsi max, 1 coffee with 2 sugars.

Exercise: None. Except for 5 hours dancing. I’m really not sure i get to count that though.

Mood: Awesome, I’ve been in a really good mood the last few days, and haven’t dipped at all, which I haven’t had for a good few weeks. Happy ))


Food Diary for the day:

Pre-Breakfast: 4 squares chocolate, 2 chocolate chip style biscuits

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, broccoli ‘soldiers’ green beans

Lunch: Broccoli and green beans, yoghurt with granola and berry compote, 400g fresh pineapple

Dinner: 3/4 cup wholewheat pasta with brocolli, green beans (I see a theme here) 1/2 onion, 2 celery stalks plus half ‘n’ half side salad: 1/2 carrot, beetroot and celery salad and half spinach, cucumber and baby tomatoes.

Dessert: 1 banana and 1 pot alpro soy chocolate yoghurt

Drinks: 2 cups non sweetened Earl Grey tea, 1 small cup rice milk, 1 bottle (600 ml) Pepsi max.

All in all, not terrible – shitty decision to eat chocolate before breakfast, but it’s gone from the house now and not a temptation any more.

Exercise: Walked to uni 2 miles. Meant to go to the gym, but going to work, sleep early and go in the morning instead.

It’s Not Really The Beginning

So, this is not the beginning of a great weightloss journey. For me, I have to stop looking at it like some sort of odyssey, where at the end I will find thin, and hoard it as my own. No, this is a life long thing. It’s a habit. It’s not a grand gesture, it’s just living.

I used this site before, under a different name, but decided you know, it all got to a very negative and dark place that I’m not so keen on returning to.  So this is the new, improved page for a vaguely new me.

My life is such: I’m a postgraduate student, I work a weekend job, I teach English and I hope to move to Russia in the autumn after my studies.

I am 5 ft 8 tall, I weigh 171 pounds and I’d like to weigh somewhere in the 150 region. It’s not masses, but its beyond time to stop making excuses, pretending I’m happy with my size and shape when I know I’m not and just get on with things.