Thursday, 12/15

Eileen – December 15, 2011 – Thursday
Exercise Today: … umm, none
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 298.8   Today: 299.2
Change Yesterday: + 0.4   Total Progress: – 0.6

Oh, I just couldn’t help myself.

Tonight I bought a domain name.  And a hosting plan.  And I created a new website for my podcast idea.  I never do anything halfway, I always find a way to make something more complicated or more work or more of a commitment, always always always!!

This is no exception.

Okay, I rethought the whole “C25K for Fat People” thing and decided that even though *I* am just fine with referring to myself with that f-word, I know a whole lot of other people are very uncomfortable with it.  So.  The name of my program is “C25K – Extended Version.”

C25K is a registered trademark.  However.  If you google C25K and look around the web, there are a gazillion websites that are somehow related to the concept and/or program, and they all freely bandy the c25k name around.  Including a certain website which is especially popular:

The guy that put that website up is not the owner of the c25k trademark.  Another website, is.

ANNNNNNNYWAY, it’s really late and my husband is falling asleep sitting up so I gotta go.  But in case anyone is interested in taking a peek, here’s the website I threw together in just a couple hours:

eta: I will be re-recording the podcast for week #1.


Wednesday, 12/14

Eileen – December 14, 2011 – Wednesday
Exercise Today: … knees hurt, didn’t even walk
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 299.8   Today: 298.8
Change Yesterday: – 1.0   Total Progress: – 1.0

If you hadn’t noticed already, it’s not exactly a coincidence that I suddenly “reappeared” here when my weight was precisely two-tenths of a pound below 300.  I have never been above 300 lbs in my entire life, though I’ve definitely flirted with the number over the years.  This is the heaviest I’ve ever been.  It’s definitely TIME to start doing something about it.

I was fully expecting to show a gain this morning, to see that three-oh-something number pop up on the scale because I could feel the swelling in my knees and ankles – just from 30 seconds of running!!!  I was pretty psyched, then, to see an actual loss of a pound instead of a gain… though I don’t give it much credence.  That lost pound could reappear tomorrow, for absolutely no reason.  Such is the nature of daily weigh-ins.

I tried to get back on my very-comfortable-low-carb regimen, but just couldn’t seem to stick to it.  My brain keeps yelling IN THE BIG PICTURE IT DIDN’T WORK SO WHY ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN?!? and when it yells like that, well, I just want chocolate.  Or pizza.  Anyway, I am not counting anything right now.  Not calories, not carbs.  I’m just gonna wing it with the food and the trade-off for that is a commitment to daily movement.  Yes, daily.  At least a walk every day.

I did wake up with sore knees and ankles today and so I’m thinking I should probably give them a day to heal before trying running again.  That does not mean that I can’t walk, however.  I think I’ll play the podcast and just walk all the way through it.  At least it’s movement!!  I know it’s only 10 minutes right now, but my plan is to work back up to sustained effort.  I’ll get there!



Eileen – December 13, 2011 – Tuesday
Starting Weight TODAY: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: N/A   Today: 299.8
Change Yesterday: – 0.0   Total Progress: – 0.0

Here I go.  Again.  OMG how many times can a person try, try again, over and over and over??

As many times as it takes.

I got an idea earlier today and suddenly it took off inside my head.  It’s now 2:00 am and I have spent the last SEVEN hours working on my idea.  It may be just the thing I need, this idea.  It may be the thing that helps me to finally take this weight off and keep it off.

And as long as I’m thinking like that, it’s a good thing.  Right?

Ten months ago, I tried the C25K program.  I WANTED TO RUN.  I did the first week’s walk/run thing and couldn’t do it.  I ran for a total of 90 seconds altogether and I thought I was gonna die.  The next day my knees were swollen and stayed that way for a week!  I AM CARRYING AROUND AN EXTRA 150 LBS.  My joints can’t take the pounding until I work up some muscle to support them.

And to work up those muscles, I need to run.  Catch-22.  So then today I got this idea… why not develop a C25K program that is modified for the OBESE (ehh, i prefer “really fat,” it’s more real to me)… for the REALLY FAT.  It can’t be that hard, right?  Pick some music, decide on the intervals, record the voice track for instructions, it’ll be great.  Only I never recorded anything with multiple tracks and had no idea how.  Thank God for the Internet!!  I somehow managed to make a 10-minute long program for Week #1.

And then I went out and DID IT!!  It included warm-up walking then two FIFTEEN SECOND intervals of running, about a minute apart, then walking again for the rest of the time.  Fifteen seconds doesn’t seem like much but for a person as heavy as me, it’s a FREAKIN’ START!!

So then I thought (those who know me know I can’t help but go the next step!!), why not share the files with others like me?  So I created a message board so I could post the files to share.  I will continue to post the podcasts as I make ’em. (No registration or login is required for downloading the files)  I don’t know if anyone will ever find my little board and download my little podcasts, but for me… that’s not the point.

It’s a new start for me.  I needed this.


The Don’t-Be-Lazy Exercise Plan


June 1, 2011 ~ 288.2 lbs. (-2.8)


Hey, two-point-eight pounds is … well, it’s almost three pounds.  I’ll take it!!

One of the things I’ve been working on “changing up” in my life is this:  I have this tendency to put stuff off.  Really bad.  I mean like I’m known for my procrastination, big time.  I always put stuff off until the last minute and then I somehow manage to work under pressure and pull it off anyway, but it’s not something to be proud of, exactly.

The thing is, it’s not so much procrastination as it is laziness.  I like leisure, always have.  I like to sit quietly and read.  Or watch a movie.  Or talk.  Or play a game.  Or just about anything that requires me to sit on my ass.  And because of this, I don’t always make good proactive choices.  Do laundry or watch Netflix?  Clean out that closet or take a nap?  Scrub the bathtub or have some ice cream?  I don’t think I need to elaborate on which options I typically chose.

For the past week, I’ve been trying to turn my mindset dial to a new channel.  The see-it-needs-done-and-just-friggin-do-it network.  I have indulged in some really unexpected heavy-duty housecleaning feats (to my husband’s amazement and delight, I might add) and have even taken on some muscle-related-tasks at work (tasks I’ve been putting off for a very long time).

Add to that, the walking-related adventures over the weekend, I was hoping for some kind of scale-related payoff.  I wasn’t expecting almost three pounds in one day, but it’s cool, I just hope it stays off and isn’t one of those weird flukes of weighingdom that plague the unsuspecting.  Just in case, I weighed myself like eight times this morning.  Those three pounds really were gone.  Now I’d just like to lose three more like ’em.  And three more after that.


New hobby!


I haven’t given up, I’m still plugging away.  Haven’t had any real results to report yet, but I’m still hopeful.  I absolutely love love love the freedom of calorie-counting but after limiting my carbs for so long, it feels like cheating.  It feels like it shouldn’t work.  But we shall see.

I haven’t done any structured-type exercising but I definitely burned some calories over the long Memorial Day weekend.  Hubby and I have taken on a new hobby, it’s fun and it gets ya outta the house and walking.  It’s Geocaching.

Ever heard of it?  There’s a full explanation at but briefly:  Geocaching is a treasure-hunt game.  You’re likely not aware of it, but your city – your neighborhood even – has little hidden “caches” that have been placed there by geocachers for other geocachers to find.  You may very well walk past one of these little hidden treasures every single day, and not be aware of it, because they are cleverly hidden or camouflaged to blend right in with their surroundings.

People with GPS units (navigator devices or phones with GPS) can play.  As I mentioned in my last post, I recently got an iPhone.  There’s an app out there for both iPhones and Androids, that makes it really easy to play the game, so I downloaded the free version which gave me the locations of the three caches closest to me.  I went out and found one of them – and I was hooked!  I downloaded the $9.99 full version app and showed it to my husband.   We went out together and he found one — and HE was hooked!

This past weekend, we found 11 more.  We walked limestone paths near a freshwater canal, crept beneath trees between overgrown bushes, and explored nooks and crannies at the end of a 500-foot dock on a quiet Tampa Bay inlet.  What an adventure!!


The dock.


Bushes and trees (to the left).


There’s a cache hidden in this picture – almost in plain sight.  Almost.


The limestone path (white) leads all the say over to those trees in the far distance, winds between them, then borders a lovely canal which leads to Lake Tarpon.

Annnnnnnyway, we had a great time, got lots of fresh air – and walked a LOT.  I love this new hobby!

P.S. Are the pictures working right? I posted them to the geocaching site and I’m not sure they can be accessed from there without a password.  Let me know if there are little x-boxes please.  Thanks!


Looking for an iPhone Buddy


I’ve really put a lot of thought into this whole “change it up” thing I’m going through.  I’m gonna try calorie-counting again.  But something else needs to change up with that plan.

I need more support in this.  I need day-to-day… no… I need choice-to-choice support!  I have a best friend that listens to me rant about my food choices, but she’s not dieting with me.  She’s diabetic and has a whole different set of challenges to her eating choices, so I listen to her too, but it’s not like we’re traveling on the same road, it’s like we’re shouting to each other from parallel highways.

This place helps.  Oh, and the 3FC 100lb club thread might help, because it’s populated with people like me, who need to lose like the weight of a whole person.  But still, I can’t post all day with all my choices and challenges, I’d drive everybody nuts.

What I need is a “buddy.”  Or a group of buddies.  People like me who need to lose a lot, who WANT to vent to each other and support each other throughout the day – not just once a day in a blog post.  I thought about joining Weight Watchers, but I really only thought about it because I thought I might meet someone there who could perhaps be my buddy.  I find myself staring at people who are big, wondering if they would like to join me and keep in touch on the phone and go walking with me, that kind of thing.

Then, I had a thought.

I recently got an iPhone and have been downloading apps left and right.  Is there an iPhone weight loss buddy app?  I looked.  If there is, I didn’t find it.  But what a cool idea, if I could just find a person or a couple people like me who want to live and breathe and wallow in their weight-loss efforts (lol), we don’t have to be actual neighbors, we could just keep in touch by text!!!  So I started looking for a free iPhone chat app that would allow for a small group to chat together – yet everyone gets to keep their anonymity.

Found one!  I created a little chat room that allows up to six people.  Participants can chat to each other by text (without individual per-text charges) and can also share pictures with the group.  So like… if I wanted to share a picture of my lunch (woohoo check it out, no chips today!), I could.

So I’m gonna try it.  I might flop big-time, but it’s worth a try. Y’all know me, I just love to come up with new ideas for using technology.  😀

Looking for a person who meets the following requirements:

Woman, over 30, who wants to lose over 100 lbs.
Have iPhone or other device that can run iPhone apps.
Be totally committed to their own weight loss efforts.
Be willing to try this crazy buddy thing for at least a week, maybe two.
Be upbeat and able to offer positive support and feedback.

I also might want to add that I’m in the Eastern time zone.  Don’t wanna be telling a person about my breakfast if it’s 5am in their time zone, lol.

I’m also gonna post this on the 3FC 100-lb-club message board and see if anyone is interested.  Who knows?  We might be piloting the next ground-breaking trend in weight loss!!




May 24, 2011 – 291.0 lbs.


It’s a familiar quote: “Insanity is defined as repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result.”  This is exactly what I’ve been doing!  I’ve been yo-yo dieting since January 2008!  That is almost THREE AND A HALF YEARS that I’ve been here, losing and gaining and losing and gaining.

When I started out, way back in 2008, I was all psyched about counting calories because it was a lifestyle change that I could live with.  Six whole months I lived on less than 1500 calories a day… and lost a grand total of five pounds.

Then I switched to low-carb, and in the next six months (July 08 to January 09), I lost FIFTY pounds!  I felt great, I was exercising, biking, walking, playing tennis.  Life was good.  Then in the next six months, I lost only ten pounds.  I lost my momentum.

Then in January of last year, my mom passed away.  In less than one year, I put back all I had lost, and then some.  Such a familiar refrain, we hear it from yo-yo-ers everywhere, all the time.  Yet we return, again and again, and pick up the very same tools and the very same strategies and we start again.  “If it worked once, it’ll work again.”  Thing is, it DIDN’T work.  If it had truly WORKED, it would have STAYED OFF.  It’s not a success story unless it has, ultimately, a happy ending.

Me, sitting here, again, at almost 300 lbs, is not a happy ending.

Insanity is defined as repeating the
same behavior and expecting
a different result.

It’s time to change it up!

(PS Thank you to all the great people who kept gently pulling me back here!!  You’ll never know how much it helped, getting those messages!!)

Day #79: Jelly

Eileen – March 22, 2011 – Tuesday
Exercise Today: … none
Starting Weight 01/02/11: 296.6     Last Weigh-In: 281.6   Today: 281.4
Change Yesterday: – 0.2   Total Progress: – 15.2

Usually when I disappear from here it means that I went off-plan and binged myself to yet another weight gain — woohooo this time that’s not the case!  Yay!  I’ve actually been pretty good with my eating and I’ve gotten in some exercise (though not today).  My weight actually dipped down to 279.8 yesterday but for some reason I’m back up at 281.4 today.  I hope it drops back down again tomorrow – I would like to say goodbye to the 280’s one of these days.

I haven’t been posting here because I’ve just been super-busy at work and then over the weekend my husband and I painted our adirondack chairs and benches.  It was fun picking out the paint colors at the store!  At one point my husband said, “We should have printed out the picture you made” because we were having trouble choosing the exact shades.  It was funny, then, to compare the colorized photo that I created to the actual colors we picked!

Again, here is my photoshopped picture:


And ha!! Check out the colors we picked!!


I just think it’s funny that our choices were so close to the original picture, even though we didn’t have it with us!

Hubby just saw that I was going to share the picture above and he shared his objections to posting that particular photo:

a) The chairs look stupid sitting on those white squares (those are peel-n-stick floor tiles turned upside-down, btw);
b) The bench thing in the front is old and ugly and I should have moved it before taking the picture (I was using it to sit on while painting the red chair);
c) The sky was behind the clouds so the picture doesn’t really show how vibrant the colors are in the sun.  (OMG I don’t think those colors could look much more vibrant!); and
d) I forgot to take the paintbrushes off the arm of the blue chair before taking the picture.  LOL men are so funny!

So I’m sharing the photo anyway, lol.


Yesterday at the grocery store I found something new.  I was so excited!  Now this is going to seem silly, to be so excited over something like this, but I was practically jumping up and down in the aisle.  Here’s what I found:


Apparently Polaner recently came out with a whole line of Splenda-sweetened low-calorie-low-carb-high-fiber jellies/jams!!  This is unprecedented!  I have scoured the jelly shelves at the grocery store and with the exception of Walden Farm products (which though zero-calories-zero-carbs, unfortunately have no flavor!), there were NO jelly options at ALL!!  Woohooo!!!  This grape jelly is not bad — and it has ONE net gram of carb in a whole tablespoon!  A tablespoon!!  Just to put this in perspective, a tablespoon of regular grape jelly has 13 carbs.  Thirteen!!

Apparently I’ve missed grape jelly, huh?


I’m glad to be back and *not* reporting a fall off the wagon!  We have a big deadline at work so I will continue to be super-busy at work until after our deadline, which happens to be April 15 (has nothing to do with tax day).  So if I’m not around it’s because of that.  Thanks, y’all, for being so patient and supportive!!

FitDay totals for the day:
1140 calories, 39.6g net carbs

😀  010

Day #72: Coloring Without Crayons

Eileen – March 15, 2011 – Tuesday
Exercise Today: … 20 minutes walking
Starting Weight 01/02/11: 296.6     Last Weigh-In: 282.0   Today: 281.6
Change Yesterday: – 0.4   Total Progress: – 15.0

Yay!  Another four-tenths-of-a-pound!!  I love that, when the scale says nice stuff to me first thing in the morning!  I’d be totally happy if I could just consistently lose something every single day!!

I took a picture of the fire-pit area in our yard this morning!


As you can see, this area of our yard is sectioned off with landscaping timbers and lined with mulch.  There is actually some grass outside of that area, which we will eventually see again when we finally get out there and rake the leaves up!  (We don’t have “autumn” here in Florida, the leaves just fall off all year long whenever they feel like it instead of during one particular season!)

Hubby did a good job on the building the chairs and benches, eh?  He loves doing stuff like that.

Anyway, I played around a little with the picture I took.
First I digitally painted all the furniture red.

firepit red

Then white.

firepit white

And then I tried out my colorful scheme idea.

firepit colors

I like the colors!  I showed my digital coloring experiments to the Hubster and he said he definitely did not want them all white.  He didn’t care much for them all red either.  He said if I liked the different colors, he was okay with it.  Not necessarily these colors however.  Ha!  It’s okay, we’ll pick five colors from swatches when we go to buy the paint and we’ll find a combination that we both like.


I bought strawberries at the grocery store today and this afternoon I decided to finally try and make my own low-carb cheesecake.  I looked at a bunch of recipes online and finally decided to try this one:

I used almond flour, pecans, and butter for the crust and then halved the rest of the recipe because I didn’t have that much cream cheese on hand.  Besides, though this cheesecake recipe is definitely low-carb (just 3.5g net carbs per 1 of 8 slices), it’s seriously high-calorie (over 400 per serving!).  So, by making less cheesecake filling, the counts are more like 2.5/250.

Making cheesecake was a longer process than I expected, but the results were pretty much worth the wait!  Here’s what I had for dessert tonight!


Looks almost as good as it tasted!  😀
(BTW, it’s not food porn because there was no sugar or flour involved!!)

FitDay totals for the day:
calories, 20.9g net carbs

😀  829

Day #71: Monday, Monday

Eileen – March 14, 2011 – Monday
Exercise Today: … 20 minutes walking
Starting Weight 01/02/11: 296.6     Last Weigh-In: 283.4   Today: 282.0
Change Yesterday: – 1.4   Total Progress: – 14.6

Woohooo I finally saw some kinda drop on the scale this morning!!  All weekend long I was still feeling very swollen and sore yet I did a bunch of stuff around the house (complaining the entire time) so I didn’t even weigh myself.  Then this morning I got out of bed and immediately noticed that my knees felt better, less puffy and tight, so I was hopeful when I stepped on the scale.  Yay!!  I was hoping to see a two-eighty-two-point-something, so I was really happy to see that it was point-zero!!

Over the weekend I ate all my turkey waldorf salad, ha!  When I make it again I’m gonna use more mayo even though it packs on the calories, it doesn’t add carbs and 3 tbls wasn’t enough.  I’ll use less apple, even though it’s the apple that makes it yummy.  Too many durned carbs though.

Today for lunch I made chicken tacos, haven’t had that in a long time.  With cheese and sour cream on low-carb tortillas, omgoodness they were heavenly.  I also bought everything I need to make low-carb veggie soup again.  I’m feeling cold symptoms (sneezing, sore throat) and so I’m craving soup.  At least it’s not like the flu I had a few weeks ago.  Or.  At least I hope it’s not!!

Before I left on my trip to Texas, my clothes washer broke.  Yikes!!!  So Saturday Hubby and I bought a washer and WE carried the old one out and WE carried the new one in and WE installed it.  (Okay, he attached the hoses but I was the one that moved everything out of the way and then put it all back afterward!)  I then spent all day Sunday doing laundry, one load after another.  I washed sheets and blankets and jackets and sweaters and clothes — and even shoes.  If it wasn’t nailed down, I washed it, dried it, folded it, and put it away.

While the washer and dryer were running, I cleaned the laundry room (rearranged and vacuumed, threw some stuff out, even vacuumed and wiped down the walls) and then deep-cleaned my refrigerator.  Yep, pulled everything out, pulled all the shelves out, cleaned out all the nooks and crannies.  You could perform surgery in there, it’s so sterile.

While I was totally captivated with all this spring cleaning, my husband was building new furniture for our fire pit.  We used to have two benches out there, prissy little benches that we bought at the store.  They were falling apart so we’ve been looking for a sale on benches to replace them when my hubby got the idea to just build his own.  A few years ago, he built some adironack chairs and so why not build adirondack benches? So that’s what he did.

Now he wants me to paint them.  What color? I asked.  He said, “Whatever color you want.”  So now I’m thinking.  I could paint them white, that’s a very common color for these type of chairs.  Or red, like redwood.

I don’t have any pictures of this area in my yard, so use your imagination.  Hmmmm…. picture a fire pit in the middle, surrounded by white stones kinda like these:


Then, in a circle, around the fire pit, are three adirondack chairs and two adirondack benches.  Five separate seating choices.  He did say that I could paint them whatever color I wanted.  I’m now thinking something along the lines of…

… ready?

… heheh


HA!!!  Whaddya think?!?  I think it’d be a hoot!!

Okay, so I’m gonna hafta take some pics of this fire pit arrangement so I can share what it really actually looks like.  I’m at my office right now and probably will be here until well after dark, so maybe I’ll snap some pics in the morning.

Edited to add:  Decided to make crustless-broccoli-bacon-quiche for dinner.  Oh man, so good!!  Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the low-carb woe?


FitDay totals for the day:

calories, 19.9g net carbs

😀  740

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