Center of Gravity

I’m still at it.

I haven’t really done well with the exercising thing, though almost every day I find a way to at least get up and move.  My job is very sedentary (sitting at a computer screen all day) so I could literally just sit on my ass for 18 hours straight in a day and not even realize it.  And have done that, um, lots of times.  So at least making an effort to do a little walking (like going shopping) seems to be a plus.  One thing I know is that as I lose weight, I will feel more like moving.  Right now I’m still fighting my own center of gravity.

I’ve never heard anyone else mention this in their comments about being overweight.  After I hit a certain threshold, my belly gets large enough to throw my whole body off-balance.  My center of gravity shifts to a place where it hurts my back to be upright.  It hurts to walk, it hurts to stand.  It just hurts.  So when I go to grocery stores or places like Walmart or Target, the first thing I do is to get a shopping cart.  As soon as I can lean on something, that takes that pressure off my lower back and then I can walk and move without being in so much discomfort.  It also takes some of the pressure off of my knees and ankles (another thing no one talks about – our lower joints aren’t built for this kind of weight).

So even after a 17-lb loss (yay!), I’m already starting to feel the difference in my center of gravity.  I have to go in to the office once a week to pick up more work and there’s no shopping carts there, so I feel every step of the walk from the parking lot, down the sidewalk, and into the office building.  There have been days recently when I actually had to stop for a moment and catch my breath because of the effort of swinging my body along that far, plus the pressure on my back, plus the heat.  This week, I felt the difference.  I walked from the parking lot into the office, feeling very little pain in my back and just the tiniest bit more comfortable in my gait.  I know from being there at the next level of weight, that only about 20 more pounds and I will start feeling like walking isn’t the 7th gate of hell and I can start moving again.

Of course the first 20 lbs is much easier to lose than the second 20 lbs, but I’m in this for the long haul.

P.S. Walkabout – it looks like you and I are the only ones here.  Just wanted you to know I’ve been watching your posts.  You apparently disabled comments so I couldn’t say hi there, so I thought I’d do it here:  Hi.

Starting weight:  350
Current weight:  333

Loss so far:  17 lbs

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