Another year slips by…

In 2008-09, I lost 60 lbs.  I started doing things I hadn’t done since I was a teenager.  I rode my bike.  I played tennis.  I fucking moved.  And I felt better than I had since… since I was a teenager.

Now here I am again, heavier still than I was a year ago.  When will this stop?  When I’m dead?

Over the past few weeks, because of stress and other things (death in the family & related travel), I lost about 10 lbs.  This past Saturday I went back on low-carb and since then I’ve dropped another 4 lbs.  It’s probably water, I know that, but it doesn’t matter. I’m back on the program.  I know how to do this.  I know I can do this.  If I can lose 60 lbs, then I can lose 160.  I can.

One thing about carrying an extra 150+ pounds around, is that the slightest exertion burns fuel like crazy.  I made a list of daily exercises, but I made that list a month ago and I haven’t done them, not even once.  I need to be accountable, but to whom?  To myself, I guess.  So I’ll treat this blog as my own personal accountability police.  I know from experience that if I don’t move, I won’t lose a thing.  Low-carb needs to burn fuel, that’s how it works, and if the body doesn’t move, nothing gets burned away.  So today is Day One.  Today I will move.

I’ll wait for my hubby to go to work though.  😀

Starting weight:  350
Current weight:  336

Loss so far:  14 lbs

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