It’s a new day.

I’m back.

It’s kind of amazing to me, that this blog has been here, collecting dust for years.  Years! In the meantime, I’ve managed to gain even more weight – and now it’s time to take it back off.  I have recommitted myself to the low-carb lifestyle and have started down that familiar road — yet again.

This time, though, I need to do this to save my own life.

I went to the hospital recently, with an infection on my leg.  Cellulitis, an infection of the skin.  Thank goodness the infection never got into my blood stream, but it was a long, drawn-out recovery and I’m still not over it.  It all started with a small wound on my shin, a wound that had almost healed but then this infection raged and took its toll.  I couldn’t walk, couldn’t wear shoes for over 6 weeks.  In the course of treatment, I had lots and lots of tests done and I found out this:  For being so overweight, I am very healthy.  All my labs came back perfect – except one.  Glucose.  Doctor says I am “borderline diabetic.”  Well there’s a big surprise.

Doc says, “At this point, you can bring this under control by your food choices. Cut down on sugars, cut down on carbs.”  I just laughed.  Did he just say “carbs”..?!  Yeah, I’m very familiar with cutting back on carbs.  It is the only weight loss plan that has ever worked for me – and I’ve been avoiding it.  Been doing the opposite, bingeing on carbs.  Because I could.

I know exactly how to gain weight.  In fact, I’m quite good at it.

I also know exactly how to lose it.  I know what needs to be done.  Basically just two things.  Regardless of your weight loss plan preference, there are two things that cause weight loss:  1) a change in eating and 2) movement.

It’s that simple.  And yet, so elusive.  But I’m on it.

It is most definitely a new day.

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