10/10/12 Wednesday

Eileen – October 10, 2012 – Wednesday
Exercise Today: … none
Starting Weight 10/08/12: 328.0     Last Weigh-In: 324.4   Today: 324.4
Change Yesterday: – 3.6 lbs     Total Progress: – 3.6 lbs

YAY!!  For the first time in ten months, my scale is headed in the right direction!!

It’s very cool for me to think, “I did that.”  Now I know that much of the sudden weight loss is the water-dump that happens after the sudden withdrawal from carbs, but that’s okay.  I still did that.

I am at work, eating a lovely snack at my desk.  It’s a small salad with sliced ham, full-fat Ranch dressing, sliced almonds, and a couple slices of monterey-cheddar on the side.  I ate lunch at about one and plan to eat dinner at about seven, but right now, at about four-fifteen, this is a perfect-sized snack to take my mind off the munchie-cravings.

Earlier this afternoon, one of my co-workers walked past and I said, “Hey, wait a minute, I have some stuff for you,” and proceeded to pull out from my desk compartments:  a bag of Wavy Lays, a box of Ginger Snaps and a bag with some little boxes of Milk Duds that my husband gave me six months ago.  “I don’t want these tempting me, so take ’em.”  She is one of these women who can eat anything, never exercise, and never gain an ounce.  I would hate her if she weren’t so nice.  Anyway, she took the stuff off my hands.

Two and a half days so far with no cheating.  Small, small steps.

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  1. twilightwing on October 10th, 2012

    thank you for your comment hun. I’m glad youre going to try the marching in place. I think it works pretty well. i lift my knees as high as i can as well as march at a good clip… after 5 mins, im hot (never sweated much ), my heart rate is up, and i’ll rest for about 10 mins then do another 5… let me know how it works for you.

  2. pepagirl on October 12th, 2012

    Those first few steps are always the hardest! I’m going through massive sugar withdrawal myself after a few weeks of eating sweets! I’m thinking about doing Atkins induction next week if I’m still having cravings to try to break the cycle.

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