Saturday, 12/17

Eileen – December 17, 2011 – Saturday
Exercise Today: … 15 minutes walking
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 299.2   Today: 298.8
Change Yesterday: – 0.4   Total Progress: – 1.0

Hubby and I slept in late today — ahhhhh that was niiiiiice — and then we went out to lunch and went geocaching until dark.  We still love this hobby!!  We have our own caches out there now, 28 of ’em, and we have so much fun with the whole thing.  I love how it gets us out of the house and going to places that we would normally never go, and to see things, sometimes beautiful sights, which we would never have seen!

Hey, look what we got last month!

our trailer! our trailer

It’s small – only 16 feet long – which is exactly what we wanted!  It’s mostly just going to be hubby and me going places in it, so we didn’t want to be pulling something big and heavy that would suck a ton of gas!  Anyway, we’re thinking about going on a little trip next week, since we can’t go to Wisconsin as we’d planned, maybe we can at least take a few days and go somewhere here in Florida.  That’ll be fun!

I’m still working on my C25Kx  website!  I ran into a little problem with it tonight and the web-server people are switching me to a different server, so in the meantime I can’t make any changes to the site until that is done.  *Sigh*  I’m having fun with that, too!  Oh well, in the meantime since I can’t tinker with that, I added a little clickable ad to my blogsite here.  😀


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  1. beerab on December 19th, 2011

    NICE 🙂 Wow I can’t believe you guys have so many geo’s 🙂

  2. Jessica on December 19th, 2011

    I think this is a great hobby, it’s getting you out and walking around. It’s a great activity for you. Every little bit of movement helps. Have fun.

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