Friday, 12/16

Eileen – December 16, 2011 – Friday
Exercise Today: … umm, none again
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 299.2   Today: 299.2
Change Yesterday: + 0.0   Total Progress: – 0.6

I worked all evening on my new website (

OMG I am obsessed!!  It was fun though.  I didn’t get a chance to re-record the one-and-only podcast yet, plus I’m itching to do the rest of them!!  But I’m probably going to wait on developing the rest of the program until I can be my own guinea pig.  I need to test it out on a “real” fat person to see if progress at this rate is significant or if I need to step it up, and if so, can I do it??  We’ll see!!

My hubby and I were planning a trip but we found out last night that we’re not going to be able to go.  We were taking our 19-year-old son Kevin with us and we knew he would be absolutely devastated that we weren’t going, because he was going to have a chance to meet his best friend in person.  He and his best friend spend ALL their free time together – only it’s all over the internet.  They play online games together and develop YouTube videos together and even record music together, yet they’ve never actually met in person.  This friend lives in Wisconsin, and we were going to take him on our two-week vacation, from Florida to Wisconsin and back.  He was going to spend part of the time at Dante’s house (he lives with his grandmother) and part of the time with us, visiting relatives.

So hubby and I discussed it, and did some research, and tonight I sat Kevin down and gave him the news, but I also gave him a choice.  If he wanted, he could stay home and have Christmas with us and we’d spend the usual amount on him, split up into 10 or 12 gifts.  OR.  We could take that money and buy him a plane ticket to Wisconsin.

Tonight I booked him a flight.  He’s never flown on a plane before.  Has never gone anywhere more than 50 miles away by himself before.  He’s flying into Chicago and then taking the el to the Greyhound station in Chicago, then riding the bus to his friend’s town in Wisconsin, then doing it all backwards on the way back 10 days later.  What an adventure!!


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  1. beerab on December 19th, 2011

    Wow that sounds like a great trip! 🙂 Tell him be careful and don’t trust strangers! (Sorry can’t help it it’s the forensic scientist in me)

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