Pup researching

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jun 22nd 2012 06:35 am


Calories: 1915

Exercise: 30 minute walk

Scale in the AM: 156.5


So I’m puppy shopping for next year since I can’t get a dog now, and I want to get one in April when the weather starts to get nicer and train my dog through the spring and summer. (Cause we don’t get much of one out here) and originally it was out of the two types of dogs.  Chihuahua, and a Pomeranian, then I decided to go onto an American Eskimo because they look like Pom’s only white, but now I think the one that’s in the lead is this cutie.

A beagle! They’re super cute, medium size and loyal. But April is a long way so I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind a million times by then. I need to keep my calories low today and tomorrow and get a nice walk/jog in today. I wish I could get my C25K on my IPOD but I can’t which sucks because I don’t want to carry my phone while I jog. I’d only be able to transfer it over if I had an IPOD touch, but I don’t want one of those…

Anyways I have nothing else to say, Happy Friday all!

P.S Teams remember weigh in Sunday! Don’t make me write an blog to remind you 😛


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  1. reborn2shineon 29 Jun 2012 at 11:17 am

    Awwww….beagles are precious, especially as babies. I am a big dog person myself and love my kids very much. They have been my number two reason for wanting to get healthy because they really need more excercise. Make sure to let us know what you get and good luck with your weigh in :o)

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