dysfunctionalbarbie on Jul 3rd 2012 06:19 am

You want to know the beautiful thing that happened to me? So remember I went to Mr. Lube for an over charged Oil Change? (maybe I didn’t blog about it…)Well during that oil change they opened up my glove compartment and took out my Cabin air filter (which I honestly didn’t even know existed! Until they did it) then asked me if I wanted them to change it for me? I asked them how much (add on another $70.00 to that $87.00) Oil change…I was like hell no. So they put it back…(they also wanted to over charge me on windshield wipers which I bought myself and put on myself)

I went to auto source on Saturday picked up the Cabin Air filter myself for $20.00 and it took me less than 3 minutes to put it in myself. I’m chatting with a guy who is the manager for Mr. Lube through text and I was telling him how his company is a rip off. He claims that these people actually care about your vehicle etc..and the dealership over prices. (I don’t think so… we’ll maybe the dealership over prices things but so does Mr. Lube. But that’s not the point!)

I told him about the Cabin air filter situation and said I couldn’t believe they would honestly charge that much! He was JUST having a conversation with another lady who was complaining about the exact same thing. He said they charge for the labour…50.00 bucks for a labour job of less than three minutes?!?!!? He then went all mathematical on me (between dealership and Mr. Lube prices) and then goes “who’s cheaper now?” I said I was because their company is stupid for showing me where my Cabin Air Filter was in the first place and taking it out in front of me…so Yes I got an overpriced oil change with a nice little learning lesson. 😉 So Mr. Lube Manager & stores…you can SUCK IT! (lol…I’m pretty sure he got pissed/offended because I was bashing his work place…I wasn’t bashing him just the ethic’s of their stores and them being a complete rip off.)

So in Jan I went to Walmart because I needed two new tires because I got a flat and they were the cheapest. I asked for my correct size and I didn’t notice until now those incompetent idiots gave me the wrong size! My tire size is 185, they gave me 195…so of course I was freaking out a little so I asked another Mechanic guy I’m talking to if it was okay. He told me because it’s only 10 over it more than likely wasn’t doing any damage. As long as both tires are on the front. Most small sports cars have different size tires on the front and back anyways so it was fine. Note to self, stay away from Mr. Lube and Walmart for anything….and just stop being a lazy ass and travel half way across the city to bring my car in. The Mechanic guy told me he’d teach me how to change my own oil too. I’m loving this new size of me and learning about my car and the small things I can do myself to save me money in the long run!

So I’m pregnant…not really but it’s exactly 8-9 months before I get a dog and so it’s the start of my pregnancy stage..LOL I started freaking out a little (clearly I should never get pregnant if I’m going through a freak out over a dog haha) what if I make a horrible dog owner? What if I spend ALL this money towards this dog, can’t train her properly and she had behavior issues and then I have to give her away?! I just say that because my friend bought a great Dane and ended up having to give him up because she couldn’t train him properly and he had so many issues to begin with not to mention her issues…( I consider myself a very stable mental person…)what if that happens to me?! Of course I’m mentally preparing myself for this but who really is ever mentally prepared once they get it? Generally I think I’ll be okay, but now I’m second guessing buying a pure breed Vs. Shelter dog…it’s like do you choose to have your own children or adopt? Ah….I think it’s just almost TOM time so it’s my freak out time so I’m over analyzing everything…Just breath and reboot…

So I wrote out my daily schedule for after work since clearly I NEED to get my ass in gear and get back to the gym…(or start going) Today I will FORCE myself to do it. If I’m tired after work I will have a coffee and go. I’m fine being 158, but really I need to get my hair done and can’t until I get down to 150…so I need to do this, not only so I can do something about this scraggly disastrous hair but because it’s something I want to do but for some reason I’m sabotaging myself. I know I CAN do it, but I’m making excuses not to do it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t look fat at all, I have a small little belly and most of the time I’m okay naked…but you know…it’s not ALL the time. So since it’s a NEW month and I’m charged and refreshed from this LONG weekend of rest I should be able to do this! I WILL do this. I WILL force myself to do this. I WILL stop making excuses and I WILL lose this cute little pregger’s belly! Haha

Alright Bloggers HAPPY TUESDAY and to myself I CAN DO THIS I WILL DO THIS…

P.S If I honestly had the proportioned curves like Marilyn Monroe did, I wonder if I would love and accept myself like that or if I would still be just as judgmental as I am now?


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Winners are up

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jul 2nd 2012 09:13 am

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weigh in

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jul 1st 2012 02:10 pm

Don’t forget to weigh in today 🙂

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dysfunctionalbarbie on Jun 29th 2012 08:27 am

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get…

Is that only when you close your eyes? Because I’m pretty sure all box chocolates have labels or at least a thing inside that tells you the kind of chocolate that’s in there…

That’s all.

Happy Friday.

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dysfunctionalbarbie on Jun 28th 2012 08:53 am

My heart goes out to the two people who lost their lives in this tragic accident. I was really hoping for a miracle for at least one of you to come out alive…


I went for a hike last night and got some wicked pictures. (Coming soon to dysfunctionalbarbies photography. For those who want to like my page and check it out here ya go. It lasted about two hours because we were stopping getting pictures etc. Tonight I’m going to Hot Yoga with my friend since she has once a month guest pass. I put my scale up 10 pounds (don’t worry R-Team, I’ll put it down to normal for the weigh in.) but I did it for a mind fuck, because when I was in the 160’s all I wanted to do was be in the 150’s and I felt fat and blah. Well given if I see the scale at 168 or whatever I’ll start to see that in the mirror, which will then start to give me that motivation to get my ass in gear and watch my next 10 pounds get off of me. Ah the wonderful tricks you can doing with your mind…;)

Prize for reaching 150: Get my hair cut and nails done and a cute dress from Blame Betty. (I’m hating my hair right now…so this will be motivation to get those pesky pounds down so I can get it cut…lol)

So the lady never replied back to tell me what I did wrong in the interview to better myself for next time, that’s okay. I don’t plan on re-applying. I have enough time to get home, do a load of laundry. Get some cleaning done then go to Yoga from 6 to 8. I will then come home and go to bed.


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Algo Centre Mall roof collapsed

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jun 27th 2012 06:14 am

On Saturday June 23rd the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Ontario roof collapsed leaving one person dead, possibly one alive and 12 unaccountable people. My grandmother was there one hour before it happen. She had to leave to go get her prescription that was changed from the Shoppers to the No fills away from the mall. I’m not one for praying but I truly do hope that some of the people who may be trapped under all that rubble are still alive. We do know for a fact one is dead. According to the news on Monday they heard tapping under some of the rubble before they stopped the rescue mission.–elliot-lake-mall-roof-collapse-town-vows-to-stick-together

I’m really hoping for good news to come out of this. I lived in Elliot Lake when I was child, I always visited my grandparents and the home that my grandmothers owns is the only thing that has been stable and stayed in my life for the 27 years. Elliot Lake was home away from home. It’s truly heartbreaking as I read these articles and write this blog, I can feel I’m on the verge of tears. I may not know the victims but I can definitely feel their pain, anxiousness and fear of what more is to come as they continue to search for the remaining persons and finally tear down that wretched mall that should have been destroyed years ago.

I hope everyone has a happy hump day.


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Move on over

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jun 25th 2012 06:50 am

Winner is up J

TMI: I can finally go to the washroom! My god, I haven’t been able to go #2 since Friday..would explain my disappointing two pound gain for Sunday’s weigh in. But here I am today system is clearing out…Does anyone else notice if you drink water within your first 15 minutes of waking up it helps with your bowel movements?

I emailed back the recruiter to find out why I didn’t make it past the interview stage. Since the posting is back up on the city website I’m not curious as to what it was, whether it was my actual interview or if it was because I didn’t have my transcripts from high school. So hopefully she emails me back for some positive feedback so I know for next time. Not that I’m going to reapply for the position. I don’t feel like disclosing my past…

I will though start applying to British Columbia jobs and more jobs within my city because in the end I ultimately want to be in BC but I can’t make that jump until I’m secure. I also found my perfect match for the dog I want; Shiba Inu now to find a breeder and to put myself on a waiting list.

Shiba’s Facts

Shibas are loyal and affectionate but also can be independent and stubborn.

Shibas have a beautiful short double haired coat. They shed their undercoat twice a year.

Shibas are exceptionally easy to house train. They also are very clean with virtually no doggie odors.

Shibas love to run, are energetic on walks, but they can be a very calm housedog.

Shibas may or may not come when called off leash. Puppy school is essential for this training.

Puppy and obedience school is a must for socializing your Shiba.

Shibas are little guard dogs but not attack dogs, they will bark an alarm when someone comes to the house.

Shibas are generally quiet and not a yappy breed.

Shibas are very hearty and can be great outdoor / indoor dogs.

Shibas are great family pets.

Shiba’s Property Laws (reminds me too much of me lol!!!)

1.        If I like it,it’s mine.

2.        If it’s in my mouth it’s mine.

3.        If I had it a little while ago it’s mine.

4.        If I can take it from you it’s mine.

5.        If it’s mine it must never be yours.

6.        If it just looks like mine,it must never be yours.

7.        If I saw it first,it’s mine.

8.        If you are playing with something else and put it down It’s mine.

9.        If I’m chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.

10.     If it used to be yours, get over it.

11.     If it’s broken it’s yours.

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Weigh in

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jun 24th 2012 11:07 am

Don’t forget to weigh in today…

Sorry blue team, I’m a disappointment this week :X

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Pup researching

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jun 22nd 2012 06:37 am

Calories: 1915

Exercise: 30 minute walk

Scale in the AM: 156.5


So I’m puppy shopping for next year since I can’t get a dog now, and I want to get one in April when the weather starts to get nicer and train my dog through the spring and summer. (Cause we don’t get much of one out here) and originally it was out of the two types of dogs.  Chihuahua, and a Pomeranian, then I decided to go onto an American Eskimo because they look like Pom’s only white, but now I think the one that’s in the lead is this cutie.

A beagle! They’re super cute, medium size and loyal. But April is a long way so I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind a million times by then. I need to keep my calories low today and tomorrow and get a nice walk/jog in today. I wish I could get my C25K on my IPOD but I can’t which sucks because I don’t want to carry my phone while I jog. I’d only be able to transfer it over if I had an IPOD touch, but I don’t want one of those…

Anyways I have nothing else to say, Happy Friday all!

P.S Teams remember weigh in Sunday! Don’t make me write an blog to remind you 😛


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The case for….

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jun 21st 2012 11:07 am

Calorie Intake: 1635

Weight: 156.5

Workout: If you count 20 minutes of running around the hospital trying to figure out where to go…



I have re-written this post three times and by the end of the day my Calorie intake will be up to 1745 which means I MUST MUST MUST get the fuck outside for a workout. Maybe I’ll drive around to find a park, I seem to have more motivation to work up a sweat when I’m in a park atmosphere instead of jogging on the side walk. At least in a park when I stop I’ll do push up’s, burpees, jump up and down off benches, jumping jacks then force myself to run again. This is where I miss my old area because there was a park to do that.


I got results back from my interview last week. I did not make it to the next stage. I’m sort of bummed about it but whatever. I probably won’t re-apply when it opens up again because I don’t really feel like disclosing anything about my life and being vulnerable like I had to be in that paper work. So much stress, definitely not worth it, and I know they say third time is a charm but meh on to something else!


A guy at work who is very religious let me borrow a book called The Case for Christ, I think I might give that a read. It’s a Journalist’s personal investigation of the evidence for jesus. I remember I once wanted to explore all the types of religions and learn about them so maybe with this book I’ll start that today.


Anyways happy Thursday all!

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