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dysfunctionalbarbie on Apr 18th 2012 06:56 am

Good morning bloggers, I have attempted to write twice this week and never once finishing or posting the blog. So here I am and I really haven’t had much progress about anything except for small accomplishments without weight loss..until yesterday.

My week has been alright TOM is sort of here (started Sunday…wish it would make up its mind if its wants to bleed or not…I’ve been spotting on and off since Sunday night…) Maybe the acupuncture is helping? I hardly have had any cramps; I’ve hardly had any bleeding maybe today sometime it’ll finally explode?! My moods have not been psychotic; I didn’t want to kill anyone last week. I’m not as moody as I would normally be. (in general…not just TOM time.)

I worked out yesterday (shocking I know…) I had time to spare before my second job, so I popped on some music then threw on Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and every time I do this DVD I seriously never finish it! Yesterday I did it from beginning to end, and today? I’m Sore and I’m happy about it! Today I may do JM No more trouble zones and maybe just switch back and forth with these two DVD’s until I get on my flight back to Ontario next month! I figure as long as I continue to have music on I can do it. Plus I hear good things about combining these two DVD’s together.

I’ve also accomplished some other small things this week asides from getting my lazy butt moving! I realized the Bulk Barn is going to be a girls (or anyone looking to lose weight) best friend. It’s a store that sells candies, spices, pastas, whatever you can think off in big bulk bins. You grab a baggy and put as much of something you want in it and buy it. I bought a scoop full of glutton free pasta to try it (I’m not sure if I’m glutton intolerant it’s a hit or miss when I get a stomache) and instead of spending 4.00$ on a package  I may or may not like I spent 69 cents on a scoop full. It’s meh, but I will probably buy it here and there since I’m trying not to eat as much pasta anyways!

Another small accomplishment twice this week, I now bring cash everywhere I go (grocery shopping) and use my phone calculator and calculate everything I put in my cart. (I think it’ll help me save money and two not put anything I don’t need in.) I’m trying to get out of the mentality of “oh I’ll just charge it go the credit card if I don’t have enough money…” So yay me! I know my acupuncturist said to go organic with my meats and my watered veggies and fruit…but not this time. I’ll try that next month. I know I know I should be but the pesticides haven’t killed me yet…LOL

The scale on Sunday said I was 162 (not surprised because I ate SO MUCH on Friday and TOM bloatness…) My goal is to be down to 155 before the 18th of may which will be the lowest my family has seen me in years!

OH OH! I also cleared out my closet! I have half a bag full of clothing I DON’T want or EVER wear to send off to Value Village. My room is trashed though lol but at least my closet is done! Now to accomplish the rest of the house!

Hope you all have a wonderful Hump day!

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